The Allswell Mattress Review

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Allswell is a new mattress brand that was launched in the spring of 2018. The brand is managed by Bonobos, a men’s clothing company that is owned by Walmart.

The company offers two mattresses, both of which are 12” tall. One mattress is an all-foam offering with a softer firmness feel while the other is a hybrid mattress with a firmer comfort level. Both include memory foam in the comfort layer to contribute conforming pressure relief.

For this review, we will be focusing on the company’s flagship model, The Allswell.

Allswell Mattress

In-Depth Allswell Mattress Review

Allswell Mattress Sizing and Pricing
Twin39” x 75” x 10”$245
Twin XL37.5” x 79” x 10”$265
Full52.5” x 74” x 10”$315
Queen60” x 79” x 10”$345
King75.5” x 79” x 10”$420
California King71.5” x 83” x 10”$420

The Allswell, which is all foam, is a softer mattress that falls as a 4.5-5.5 on the typical firmness scale.


Even though the Allswell company is owned by Walmart, these mattresses are only available for purchase online through the Allswell website.


Only limited detail is available about the internal components of the Allswell mattress. For example, we do not know the exact thickness of each layer, the specific foam types used, nor the density of the foams.

The Allswell has 3 layers. The bottom layer is the thickest and is a support foam. Above that base are two other foam layers, at least one of which is memory foam. Again, we do not have the specifics about the composition of any of these foam layers.


Allswell offers free shipping of this mattress as a bed-in-a-box. With this shipping method, the mattress is rolled and compressed to fit in plastic packaging that is shipped to your door in a large box. When you remove the mattress from this packaging, it will expand to reach its full size.

Additional Services

Allswell also offers white glove delivery, which means that someone comes to your home and sets up the new mattress while also hauling away your old mattress. This service is offered at no additional charge if you waive your 100-night sleep trial.

Sleep Trial

The sleep trial for the Allswell mattress is 100 nights. This means that you can test out the mattress in your home for 100 nights, and if it doesn’t work well for you, you can return the mattress for a full refund.


The Allswell mattress has a 10-year limited warranty that covers defects in materials or manufacturing of the mattress. Customers may be responsible for some shipping costs associated with a mattress repair or replacement that happens under the warranty. Full warranty terms can be found at

Allswell Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

Though we lack detailed customer data about this mattress, we expect the Allswell foam mattress to be above-average for motion isolation. The mattress is soft, which helps insulate motion, and uses memory foam, which has a proven track record of limiting disruption from another person’s movement in bed.

Edge Support

There is no reinforcement of the edges in this mattress, which raises increased risk of issues when it comes to edge support. With a foam comfort layer, there can be a tendency for the foam to give in too much at the edge. This is especially the case for a mattress that is designed to be soft, like the Allswell

Heat Retention

Heat retention can be an issue with memory foam comfort layers, and so this mattress is likely to sleep hotter than some other mattress types (such as latex). However, heat retention can be expected to be worse with the foam model as it is softer, permitting more sinking into the bed, which limits airflow around the body.


Similar to any mattress that has layers of foam, you should expect there to be some smell right off-the-bat when this mattress is unpackaged. Remember, though, that it is not harmful and that the smell should dissipate within at most a few days (but usually a few hours if the room is well-ventilated).


As this mattress has a memory foam comfort layer, it can be expected to offer a considerable amount of support. Memory foam’s ability to respond proportionally to the pressure of the body can help make sure that the whole body, and particularly the spine, stays properly aligned.

The major concern when it comes to support is that we don’t know about the quality or thickness of these foams. If the layers are too thin or too weak, then they may not be able to provide enough support, especially to sleepers who weigh more.


Sleepers can expect a significant amount of conforming from this mattress given its memory foam comfort layer. The amount of conforming will be much higher in a softer model, which has more give and sink.


Because of the short duration that this mattress has been on the market and because of the major lack of detail about the internal components of the mattress, we cannot confidently comment on its likely durability.


Customers who are concerned about how their mattress may affect sexual activity may have concerns about the softer, foam version of this mattress. With more sink permitted by the foam in this mattress, it may make it harder to move on top of the mattress. For the firmer model, we anticipate fewer issues as the innerspring core should provide additional bounce that is helpful for sexual activity.

How Do Customers Rate the Allswell?
Allswellhome.com4.8/5 (unknown number of reviews)
Google ShoppingNot applicable
Consumer ReportsNot applicable
AmazonNot applicable

What Type of Sleeper is Well-Suited to an Allswell Mattress?

Selecting a mattress can be a tricky process with many different factors to balance and think through. Part of the reason that there are so many brands and models is that there isn’t any one “best” mattress that works for all people.

In thinking about which people may do best with the Allswell mattresses, one factor to consider is sleeping position.

Side Sleepers: Memory foam can often be an excellent option for side sleepers as it can easily accommodate the fact that people in this position put a great deal more pressure on the mattress at the shoulders and hips. Many side sleepers also prefer a softer bed that can give a more plush feeling at those points.

Back Sleepers: The soft version of this mattress is likely to be too plush for most back sleepers who would be at risk of sinking into the bed. However, the combination of firmness and contouring in the hybrid model may make it a worthy consideration for many back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers: As with stomach sleepers, the soft, all-foam model is likely to have too much sink to be comfortable or supportive. The hybrid model would be a better option for stomach sleepers, although heavier stomach sleepers may not get enough cushioning from the topmost layers.

Below Average Weight (under 130 lbs)Average Weight (130-230 lbs)Above Average Weight (above 230 lbs)
Side SleepersGoodGoodFair
Back SleepersFairPoorPoor
Stomach SleepersFairFairPoor

Company Information

Customer Service: Allswell has not been in business long enough selling mattresses to have generated sufficient data about their customer service.

Reputation: We do not have enough information to comment on the reputation of Allswell given how young the company is in the mattress industry.

BBB Rating: None. Bonobos, the parent company, has an A+ rating.

Years in Business: Less than 1 year.

Corporate Headquarters: Allswell, 45 W. 25th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10010

Physical Stores: This mattress is not offered in brick-and-mortar stores.

Phone Number: N/A

Contact Email: [email protected]

Our Verdict

The Allswell mattress looks sleek and is backed by a huge international company (Walmart), but the truth is that there is just so much that we don’t know about what’s inside the mattress. Without knowing the details about how this mattress is composed, it is hard to recommend it or even to fairly assess its likely performance.

That said, the design of the mattress is one that could provide both comfort and support for many sleepers. Customers who like the look of the mattress and want to put their faith in Bonobos and Walmart can comfortably know that they have 100 nights to try it out.

Here’s how we rate the Allswell mattress on a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best):

Material Quality
7.9 / 10
8.0 / 10
Temperature Regulation
8.7 / 10
8.7 / 10
Suitability for Sex
8.5 / 10
Trial period
8.5 / 10
7.5 / 10
Company Reputation
7.5 / 10
Value for the Money
9.0 / 10


– Offered in different firmness options
– Made of quality materials
– Sleeps quite cool


– Unknown mattress specifications make durability difficult to determine
– Fewer size options than other brands
– Allswell is new to the industry, so they lack a lengthy track record