The Best Mattresses on Amazon – Buyer's Guide & Top Picks

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Amazon may have started out only selling books, but it has become one of the world’s largest retailers, selling products of all kinds, including mattresses. Amazon has built a strong reputation for offering great customer service and low prices, and as a result, many customers head to the e-commerce giant to look for a new bed.

Buying a mattress on Amazon has some differences from buying at a retail store or directly from the website of a mattress company. In this guide, we’ll cover all the key information you need to know about shopping for a mattress on Amazon, and we’ll simplify your shopping by listing our top 5 best mattresses on Amazon.

What to Know Before You Buy a Mattress From Amazon

If you’re used to going to a brick-and-mortar store to get a new mattress, you’ll find that the buying experience on Amazon is distinct. It’s also distinct from buying a mattress online straight from the company that makes that mattress. While you can often find more selection and excellent prices, there are important aspects of shopping on the site that you should know about before you get started.

  • Return policies and processes are different: most items sold on Amazon come with a 30-day return window, and if you decide that you want to initiate a return, that process must be managed directly with Amazon and its customer service representatives. In contrast, the same mattress purchased directly from a mattress seller online may come with a 100-night sleep trial. Some sellers on Amazon will offer an extended sleep trial beyond Amazon’s 30-day guarantee, but don’t assume that this is the case. Make sure to check with Amazon and/or with the seller to confirm all the details about returns including how long you can try out the mattress and how you would return the mattress if you aren’t satisfied with it.
  • Warranty terms can be harder to find: detailed warranty terms are not always listed prominently on an Amazon product page. While you can usually find a link to this information, it may take more research on your part.
  • Prices can vary: the prices of products on Amazon can sometimes shift up or down unexpectedly. This may occur because of sales, product availability, and/or sellers who have the ability to adjust prices for competitive reasons. Don’t assume the price that you see one day will be there the next.
  • Not all sellers are the same: some products are sold directly by Amazon. Other products are sold by third parties who use Amazon as a platform. If you’re buying from a third party, make sure to scope out their reviews and policies before placing your order.
  • Reviews must be read carefully: it’s natural to want to just look at the number of stars a product has from reviews, but this can be misleading. It is best to only read reviews from verified purchases. In addition, look carefully at a number of reviews to see if there are persistent concerns with a mattress that might be especially problematic for you.
  • Availability is not assured: part of what allows Amazon to offer low prices is that they don’t always maintain a huge inventory of all products. In addition, third party sellers may have only limited numbers of items in stock. For this reason, products may sell out or stop being available on the site. In some cases, you will seea note on the product page that indicates how many of that item are remaining in stock.
  • Delivery is not uniform: how long it will take for a mattress to get delivered can depend on the seller, your location, the shipping method, and how much you are willing to pay for shipping. Amazon Prime is a membership program that has a yearly fee ($99), but for members, many products qualify for free 2-day shipping. If you’re a Prime member, look for the icon that indicates that a product is Prime eligible. You can also filter searches specifically for products that are eligible under Prime. If you’re not a Prime member, you will find that there is an estimated delivery time and cost for each product.
  • Amazon Smile lets you give back: one philanthropic program offered by Amazon is called Amazon Smile. This allows you to select a preferred charity, and if you shop on the Amazon Smile site -- which mirrors Amazon itself -- then a small percentage of your purchase is donated by Amazon to that charity. For more details, visit the Amazon Smile site at

Mattress Features to Look For When Shopping on Amazon

As you begin your search for a mattress on Amazon, you’ll want to be on the lookout for certain features or characteristics. These are the key things that will help dictate whether your mattress will give you the support and comfort you need and the value and durability that you want.

  • Quality materials: if you want a mattress that offers good performance and stands the test of time, you need to look at the materials. If a mattress maker has cut corners by using cheaper or weaker materials, even in just one part of the mattress, it’s unlikely that the mattress will hold up well over time. For example, in foam mattresses, you can look at the density of the foam and the thickness of the layers. A lower-density foam is more likely to wear out, and thicker layers tend to be more effective, especially in the comfort layer.
  • Firmness: comfort is absolutely key to your overall satisfaction with your mattress, and comfort is determined mostly by firmness. What is comfortable is obviously subjective, but how hard or soft a mattress is can be described using a standard scale. This firmness scale goes from 1-10 with a 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest. For most sleepers, medium-firm (4-7 on this scale) is the preferred comfort level.
  • Verified reviews: checking verified reviews is one of the single best ways to know how well a mattress performs, whether it’s durable, and whether a company meets its promises of customer service. On Amazon, you’ll notice that above some reviews it has the words “Verified Purchase.” This is how you know the customer writing the review actually bought that product and that it’s a real review.
  • Shipping options: because of the size and weight of a mattress, even if it’s been compressed, shipping can be costly. You may also need a mattress sooner rather than later depending on your circumstances. Make sure to account for the cost of shipping when considering your total budget, and look closely at the delivery windows to make sure that they will work for you.

Even though Amazon’s site offers numerous search filters, it can be easy to get lost among all the options. To streamline your search, we’ve selected the 6 beds that we consider to be the best mattresses on Amazon.

BrandMattress TypeAmazon RatingNumber of Amazon ReviewsPrice (Queen)

Every mattress has its own design and benefits, and in the section below, we review why each of these mattresses made our list of top picks.

Tuft & Needle (original)

The Tuft & Needle original mattress is one of the most popular foam mattresses sold online. It has been well-regarded by customers for its simple yet effective construction and its extremely accessible price point, which is considerably lower than that of many other mattresses on the market that have a similar design.

The Tuft & Needle mattress is made with two foam layers. The top layer, composed of the company’s proprietary Adaptive Foam, is 3” thick, and the foam has a density of 2.8 PCF. While this density is lower than what we normally look for in a comfort layer, the design of this particular polyfoam gives it more heft and durability than would normally be found with foam of this density. Beneath the Adaptive foam is 7” of support polyfoam with a density of 1.8 PCF.

This mattress has high rates of customer satisfaction thanks to its ability to offer both bounce and contouring. With a firmness of 6-7, it is able to have some plushness but without excessive sink or softness. At its price point and given its track record, the Tuft & Needle falls squarely on the list of the best mattresses on Amazon.


Tuft & Needle Bed

Sleep On Latex Pure Green Mattress

The Sleep On Latex Pure Green offers a straightforward and reliable option for people who want the feel of latex at an affordable price. This mattress comes in two different height options (7” or 9”) and three firmness levels (Soft, Medium, and Firm). The price depends on the size, height, and firmness options that you select, but even the most expensive option is less than most other latex mattresses on the market.

Despite its accessible price, the Sleep On Latex mattress delivers a high level of performance. Its design is either one large slab of latex (in the 7”) or two (in the 9”), and as a result, you know there’s no weak layer. The use of all latex gives the mattress considerable resilience and bounce, ensuring that you won’t get stuck in the bed. At the same time, the latex has enough responsiveness to have more cushioning at key pressure points, which helps to keep your spine and body properly aligned. The Pure Green mattress is a favorite among people who like the feel of a true-latex mattress, and its reasonable place tag puts it on our list of the best mattress options on Amazon.


Zinus Green Tea

The Zinus Green Tea mattress is an all foam option that has nearly 20,000 reviews from prior customers on Amazon. Having that quantity of reviews provides a basis to know that this mattress generally meets the needs of customers while being available at a bargain basement price of just over $200.

The Zinus Green Tea is 10” tall and has three foam layers. The top layer is 2.5” of memory foam. The second layer is 2” of polyfoam with indentations to permit more airflow. The bottom layer is 5.5” of support polyfoam. It is important to note that Zinus also offers this mattress in a 6”, 8”, and 12” model if you want more or less foam in your mattress.

The memory foam top layer allows this mattress to offer the kind of responsive support that is needed to accommodate the body’s pressure points. Given its price point and the fact that the company does not disclose the densities of the foams that are used, we don’t expect the Green Tea to have the same durability of more robust foam beds. But with a virtually unbeatable price and proven track record, it’s a clear bet for the top picks of mattresses on Amazon.


Zinus Green Tea

Signature Sleep Justice Hybrid

The Signature Sleep Justice 14” hybrid mattress offers a combination of innerspring coils and gel-infused memory foam at a price that is hundreds of dollars less than other hybrids sold online that have a similar design.

The support core for the Justice Hybrid is 10” of innerspring coils. These coils are independently-encased, and this means that each coil is able to compress with less influence or impact on the surrounding coils. As a result, this innerspring base gives the mattress a level of resilience while also helping to give responsiveness and motion isolation.

The comfort layer is primarily made up of gel-infused memory foam, which provides contouring and pressure point relief while reducing the amount of heat buildup in the foam. The mattress also has extra foam designed to help add support around the edges of the mattress.

Most hybrid mattresses cost $1,000 or significantly more, but on Amazon, the Justice Hybrid costs under $400, an excellent option for budget shoppers who want the feel of an innerspring support system.


Purple (Original)

The original Purple mattress stands out from many other mattresses on Amazon -- or anywhere else -- because of the unique material that is found in its comfort layer. This material is called a Hyper-Elastic Polymer, and it forms what Purple calls its Smart Comfort Grid. This layer is 2” thick and is built using an array of squares that compress under pressure but rapidly spring back when the pressure is taken away.

This combination of characteristics makes the Smart Comfort Grid both responsive and resilient. The fact that the squares are composed largely of open air makes the Purple mattress excellent at staying cool and a top choice for people who are concerned about sleeping hot. The mattress has a Medium-Firm feel and has received excellent verified reviews and customer reports.

Despite using such an innovative and proprietary material, the Purple mattress is available for price that is comparable to many other foam beds sold on Amazon or elsewhere online. For people who are ready to try something new and who want a bed that can offer support without too much sink, the Purple is a great choice.


Purple Mattress

Casper (Original)

Casper is an extremely well-known name in online mattresses. While the company has sold the majority of its mattresses through its own website, they also sell their original Casper mattress on Amazon. This mattress has won over thousands of customers and is supported by high rates of customer approval and satisfaction.

The original Casper has a firmness level of 6-7 and is built using 4 layers. The comfort layer in the Casper is actually made up of two thinner layers. The topmost of these is 1.5” of an open-cell polyfoam, and the second is 1.5” of memory foam. The open-cell polyfoam helps reduce heat retention, but it is still designed to offer contouring and bounce. The memory foam underneath it improves the ability of the mattress to contour to the body and prevent spinal misalignment. A 1.5” layer of transition foam sits beneath the memory foam, and at the bottom of the mattress is 5” of support polyfoam.

The Casper mattress is in the same price range as most foam mattresses, but it comes with a larger body of verified reviews and the backing of a company that has a proven reputation for customer service. Casper helped blaze the trail for online mattresses and continues to be a top choice including among the top mattresses on Amazon.


Casper Mattress

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