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There are few places where you’ll spend more hours than in your bed. Your bed can be your refuge, a place where you let yourself relax, recover, and recharge your batteries. On top of that, given how important sleep is to our overall health, you may have decided that for your next mattress, you’re going to invest in what’s truly top-of-the-line. Because the mattress industry has become more and more competitive in recent years, every dollar you spend now goes further, which means that it’s a better time than ever to buy a luxury mattress.

While what defines “luxury” is obviously subjective, clearly price is a central aspect. For this reason, we’ve definitely considered price in this guide. But being a luxury mattress is different from just being an expensive mattress. For that reason, our top picks include some options whose price won’t shock you but whose quality clearly puts them on a level that we consider to be “luxury.”

For more about our picks for the best luxury mattresses, you can check out the table and descriptions below. In this guide, we’ll also give more background about the kinds of mattresses that are available and some of the key criteria that you should have in mind when shopping for a luxury mattress.

Our Top 5 Luxury Mattresses

The table below offers a quick list and breakdown of our top luxury mattress picks.

BrandModelMattress TypeFirmness (1-10)Price (Queen)
ZenhavenLatexReversible: Luxury Plush (4-5) / Gentle Firm (7-8)$1,899

What Should You Expect in a Luxury Mattress?

Pricing in the mattress industry can be confusing. Some brands or models may have huge markups, and retail sticker prices can be misleading. As a result, it’s impossible to determine whether a mattress is a luxury mattress just by looking at the price tag. At the end of the day, you want a bed that delivers excellent performance and that’s determined by its features, not by its cost. To evaluate whether a mattress is truly worth its salt, consider these factors.


In a luxury mattress, there’s no cutting corners when it comes to materials. No matter how many layers are in the design, each of those should be made with excellent materials and attention-to-detail. Weakness in one part can drag down the performance of the whole mattress, so a luxury option will have consistent quality throughout.

In most cases, you can judge the quality of construction in three main ways. First, the materials should be well-made and with good specifications. For example, foams used in comfort layers should not have densities below 3.5 PCF. Second, the layers should be robust. In most cases, this means that each layer, especially those at the top of the mattress, should be thick enough to accommodate your body weight. Third, their production should reflect a commitment to quality. As an example, this could include certifications for organic textiles and/or for product safety.


A luxury mattress is an investment, and part of the return on that investment is that it will last and continue providing great sleep for years into the future. This means that the mattress does not start to sag or lose its bounce with regular nightly use. While no one can see into the future, we can get a sense of durability by looking at two key elements. First, the build quality of the mattress. If a mattress has weak or thin layers, its durability is in question. Second, the history of the mattress as determined from verified customer reviews. Data from how the mattress has held up in the homes of real users can give meaningful insight into its durability.


Support from a mattress is essential to prevent waking up with aches and pains. Specifically, this means that the mattress can help keep the spine and neck properly aligned. To accomplish this, a mattress needs to be responsive; in other words, that it can accommodate the body proportionally and in accordance with the needs of each part of the body. This means that pressure points -- like the hips or shoulders -- can get added cushioning to make sure they don’t sink far out of line with the lower back, neck, or other parts of the body.


When we talk about mattress comfort, we’re talking about firmness. Firmness is the most important factor affecting how much you’ll enjoy lying on the mattress and how inviting you’ll find your bed to be. We all have our preferences: no one level of firmness is palatable to everyone. In this way, it’s important to look for a luxury mattress that meets your preferred level of firmness measured on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being extremely hard and 10 being extremely soft).

Some mattresses are only offered in one firmness level, and if it isn’t a match for you, then it doesn’t matter what other features the mattress has. Comfort should be a prerequisite. But do be aware that some mattresses are offered for purchase in more than one firmness level, and some even have dual-sided designs that permit you to change the firmness level by just flipping the mattress over.

Customer Care

Luxury isn’t just about the mattress itself; it’s also about how the mattress company treats you as a customer. If you have any issues with the mattress, it’s important to know that the company will handle it in a timely and professional manner.

Bonus Benefits

Some luxury mattresses may come with other added benefits that can add significant value for you as a customer. Examples of some of these bonus benefits can include:

  • White glove delivery: while many mattresses are shipped with just standard delivery -- a bed-in-a-box to your doorstep -- white-glove delivery includes setup of the mattress in your bedroom, haul-away of an old mattress, and taking away any trash or packaging from the shipping. It’s a no-hassle benefit that can be extremely handy for busy customers.
  • Green materials: making a mattress can be an energy and materials intensive production process. This process can involve petrochemicals or other non-organic ingredients. Some mattresses use more natural materials and textiles and can be a bonus benefit for customers who place extra value on greening their home.
  • Freebies: along with your mattress purchase, some companies will include high-quality pillows, sheets, or other items to help you make the most of your mattress when it’s installed in your bedroom.

What Types of Mattresses Are Available?

Luxury mattresses can come in many different styles and designs. We generally classify mattresses into one of 4 categories based on how they are constructed internally.


Also known as all-latex, these mattresses are built using exclusively this rubber material. They may be made with more than one layer or type of latex. In general, latex has a bouncier feel than most other mattress types while still offering significant responsiveness. Latex also has a reputation for durability and limited heat retention.


There are many types of foams that are used in mattresses, and some combination of these foams is used in making an all-foam mattress. One of the most popular types of foam is viscoelastic foam, also known as memory foam, which is one of the most contouring and responsive materials available. The durability, support, and comfort feel of a foam mattress will always be determined primarily by the specific types of foams in the mattress and how they are layered.


The core component of an innerspring mattress is a layer of metal coils. This support core is normally 6-10” thick, and this core gives bounce and firmness to a mattress. It is now common for the coils to be pocketed or individually-wrapped as this allows each coil to compress independently of the adjacent coils. As a result, the mattress gains both responsiveness and motion isolation. Some innersprings have fiber or foam layers above the springs to improve comfort and support, although in general, these mattresses offer less contouring than latex and all-foam options.


A hybrid is like an innerspring in that it has a support core of metal coils, but it has a thicker and more robust layering of material above the coils. In most cases, this material is intended to capture more of the contouring benefits of other mattress types without sacrificing the bounce and stability from the innerspring coils.

Our Favorite Luxury Mattresses

While we gave a quick introduction to our favorite mattresses in the table at the top of this guide, in this section we'll provide more details about each of our top 5 picks.

Essentia Stratami Latex

The Stratami mattress from Essentia represents a top-notch, true-latex luxury mattress. Its design isn’t complicated or confusing. Instead, it uses thick layers of excellent materials that are produced to the highest standards in order to offer a mattress that can deliver years worth of support and comfort.

The Stratami mattress has two main layers. The top layer is 3” of latex that is not perfectly flat. Instead, it has a dome-like shape. This shape helps preserve airflow in and around the mattress, reducing heat buildup around your body or in the mattress itself. This layer of foam also is built to have enhanced contouring properties, improving pressure point relief, without losing the bounce that latex is known for. Underneath this domed latex is a 5” thick layer of latex that is firmer and offers more bounce and stability for the mattress. Between the cover and the top layer is a wrap material that helps prevent friction and damage to the comfort layer, helping to further the durability of the mattress. All together, the mattress is firm (7-8) but still responsive.

All of the latex is Dunlop latex with a certification from the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). This certifies that the cultivation and processing of the latex meets high environmental and social standards. With this level of materials going into a smart design, the Stratami stands out as one of the best luxury mattresses that you can buy.

Brentwood Home Cedar

The Brentwood Home Cedar mattress is a hybrid that takes advantage of the benefits of innerspring coils while also capturing the contouring, bounce, and durability that comes from latex.

The Cedar mattress uses cotton that is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) in its cover and in a fiber fill that forms a pillowtop-like feel at the top of the mattress. Also included in the topmost layer is New Zealand wool that enhances breathability. Beneath this top layer of padding is a 2” layer of Eco-Institut certified Dunlop latex with a density of 4 PCF. Beneath that is another 2” layer of 4 PCF Dunlop latex, and that layer is grooved to improve airflow in the mattress. A thin natural fiber pad sits between the latex and 8” of individually-wrapped coils. In a Queen, there are 1130 of these coils. At the very bottom is 1” of a stabilizing layer made from coconut husks.

The pocketed coils offer both bounce and motion isolation, and the latex layers enhance that bounce while adding more responsiveness. The wool and cotton top layers give the mattress more inviting softness and an overall firmness feel of a 5. Thanks to its commitment to green materials and its performance, the Cedar is a clear choice for our list of the best luxury mattresses.



The Zenhaven mattress makes our list of top luxury mattresses because of is innovative design and use of high-end latex. In particular, the reversible or dual firmness option gives this mattress a leg up on those that only come in one comfort choice.

The Zenhaven is an all-latex mattress that is made entirely with Talalay latex, which has a softer and bouncier feel. Each layer is of significant thickness and density and built to high standards of production. A key element of the design of the Zenhaven is that each side of the mattress has a different firmness feel. One side is Gentle Firm (7-8), and the other is Luxury Plush (4-5). To change the feel of the bed, all you need to do is turn the mattress over. Both sides, though, provide the balance of contouring and bounce that is the hallmark of latex, providing a supportive night’s sleep while preventing the feeling of getting stuck in the mattress.

The Zenhaven is made by Saatva, which is a company that offers free white-glove delivery as part of your purchase price. The company has a great reputation and works hard to take care of customer issues. All of these factors lead us to include the Zenhaven among our top luxury mattress picks.


Casper Wave

Casper is a leading company in the mattress industry and made their name with their original Casper mattress. But the Casper Wave, their newest mattress, works to take support to a new level through innovations in design and materials.

A key element of the Casper Wave is the Natural Geometry System, which is a more finely-tuned way for the mattress to contour to specific parts of the body (in particular the hips and shoulders) to preserve proper spinal alignment. The overall mattress design includes a top layer of Flo foam -- a specialty latex-like polyfoam -- that is 1” thick, a second layer of 1.5” of latex, and a third layer of 1.5” of memory foam. These three layers work together to form the overall comfort system for the Casper Wave. Beneath these are 1.5” of transition polyfoam and a base of 5.5” of support polyfoam.

Each Casper Wave mattress comes with free white-glove delivery and is backed by the strong name and customer service reputation of Casper. This mattress, which gives a preview of the next generation of foam beds, is thus a solid choice for customers who want a luxury mattress for their bedroom.


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