The Best Mattress Toppers

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If your bed is in need of an upgrade but buying a mattress just isn’t in the cards, a mattress topper may be your best bet. At what is often a fraction of the cost of a full mattress, a mattress topper can go a long way in changing the amount of comfort and support that you get from your bed.

In this guide, we’ll present our top 5 picks for the best mattress toppers. We’ll touch on all the key things that you need to know as you shop for a topper including their benefits and drawbacks, shopping criteria, and different ways that you may put a topper to use.

Our Top Picks

This table provides a quick list and summary of our top picks for the best mattress toppers.

BrandModelTopper TypeThicknessDensityFirmnessPrice Range
Pure Greeen TopperLatex1", 2", or 3"5 PCFSoft, Medium, or Firm$99 - $389
Gel Swirl TopperGel memory foam2"UnlistedMedium-firm$50 - $90
Natural Latex TopperLatex2" or 3"UnlistedSoft, Medium, Firm, or Extra Firm$319 - $619
Natural Latex TopperLatex2.75"D65 / D75Plush or Medium-firm$349 - $549
Bamboo Mattress TopperFiber Fill1.5"UnlistedMedium$89.99 - $117.99

Mattress Topper Reviews

There are many toppers on the market, so it’s not an easy task to select the ones that stand out from the crowd. In this section, we’ll explain why each of our picks made our list of the best mattress toppers.

Sleep on Latex Pure Green Mattress Topper

Sleep on Latex makes both a mattress and a topper using high-end latex and at a reasonable price. Both the Pure Green topper and mattress have received great reviews from customers, and this is a reliable option for people who really want the feel of latex in the topmost layer of their mattress.

A big plus of the Pure Green topper is that you have numerous choices. First, you can choose the thickness (1”, 2”, or 3”). Then you can choose the firmness (Soft, Medium, or Firm). The price range for the topper will depend on the thickness and firmness that you choose as well as the size of the topper. Sleep on Latex offers this in all standard sizes.

Each topper uses natural Dunlop latex that is high density (5 PCF) and thus provides the bounce associated with latex while still being able to cushion pressure points and promote spinal alignment.

This topper comes with a 5-year warranty and a 30-day sleep trial. If you don’t like it, you can return it within the first month for a full refund. Sleep on Latex has been awarded high marks for its customer service and for the performance and reliability of its products.


DreamFoam Bedding Gel Swirl

This topper from DreamFoam bedding has been praised by both verified customers and by independent evaluators. It is affordable for shoppers at many budgets and can go a long way to refiguring the feel of your bed.

The DreamFoam Gel Swirl topper is 2” thick and utilizes gel-infused memory foam. This viscoelastic foam has the ability to compress and contour to the body, and as a result, is very effective at pressure point relief. At the same time, the use of gel swirls helps to decrease the amount of heat that is retained by the foam, putting the brakes on sleeping hot.

The Gel Swirl topper has a medium-firm comfort level that works for many sleepers but may not be best for everyone. The topper is available in all standard sizes as well as some other modified sizes. If purchased through Amazon, it comes with a 30-day period to try it out risk-free, and it also comes with a 3-year warranty that provides coverage for any defects in topper materials.


PlushBeds Natural Latex Toppers

PlushBeds makes several lines of bedding products employing excellent quality natural latex. The Natural Latex Topper from the company provides diverse options and a top-notch material that is worth considering for customers who want to spend a bit more on a topper that is more environmentally friendly and durable.

The Natural Latex Topper is offered in two different thicknesses (2” and 3”), four different firmness levels (Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm), and in all the standard mattress sizes. The company also offers to cover the topper with organic cotton for an extra charge.

Each topper is made with natural Talalay latex. Talalay latex has a reputation for feeling both softer and bouncier than Dunlop latex. For customers who want a mattress with more spring and that’s easier to move on top of, this makes for a compelling choice. At the same time, this latex can give enough responsiveness to make sure that each part of the body gets the support that it needs.

The biggest downside to the PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper is that its price may be over the budget of many people looking to buy a topper. The cheapest option is over $300, which may not make sense for people who want to upgrade their bed at a bargain price. But for people seeking a luxury sleeping experience without buying a whole new mattress, this topper is a top pick.


Avocado Natural Latex Topper

Another top pick for people who want a mattress topper that is comfortable, supportive, and made with excellent materials is the Natural Latex Topper from Avocado.

This topper is 2.75” thick and is made with 100% Dunlop latex. Dunlop latex usually holds up well to nightly use in mattresses and toppers, and it is also produced in an environmentally responsible manner. As with most latex toppers, it offers a combination of bounce and contouring that appeals to many sleepers. An interesting feature of the Avocado topper is that it comes with an organic cotton cover that has an underside of New Zealand wool. This offers extra softness as well as the moisture wicking and heat control benefits of wool.

Avocado makes this topper in all of the standard mattress sizes and has two firmness options (Plush and Firm, though the Firm has a more medium-firm feel). Though the price is higher than some may wish to spend on a topper, it justifies this price with its extended lifespan, strong performance, and top-notch materials.


eLuxury Bamboo Mattress Topper

The eLuxury Bamboo Mattress topper takes a different approach than our other top picks and uses a specialty material -- a customized type of fiber fill -- to offer comfort and softness at an affordable price.

There are two main components to this topper that in total is 1.5” thick. The first component is the interior, which is made with Revoloft™ cluster fiber. About 3” worth of this material is compressed into 1.5” making it soft without being so light as to be unable to support the body. The second component is the cover that is made from rayon derived from bamboo fabric. This material can help reduce heat retention and can wick away moisture and smells. The cover has elastic to help hold the topper in place similar to many mattress pads.

The topper is available in all of the standard sizes and comes with a 1-year warranty and 30-day sleep trial. eLuxury Supply is a well-established company in this field and has a significant track record of customer satisfaction.


What is a Mattress Topper?

There are a lot of products out there with similar names, so it makes sense to start by clarifying exactly what a mattress topper is. A mattress topper is a layer of material that you put above your mattress. The purpose of a topper is to alter the feel and performance of your bed.

Other products that are sometimes confused with mattress toppers are mattress protectors and mattress pads. A mattress protector goes around the entirety of the mattress, and its primary role is to defend the mattress against stains and spills. Most protectors are either waterproof or made with much thicker materials that offer a barrier around your mattress. A mattress pad is usually thinner and generally only goes over the top part of the mattress. It may add some softness and is also used to provide a buffer against spills or messes.

For a quick overview of the typical characteristics of these three products, you can check out the table below.

Mattress TopperMattress ProtectorMattress Pad
PlacementTop of mattressOver entire mattressOver top and sides
Thickness (typical).5" - 3".125" - 1".125" - 1"
Material (typical)Foam, latex, fiber, down, woolFiber (rayon, polyester, cotton, and blends)Fiber (cotton, polyester), down
Amount of ProtectionLowHighMedium
Main Reason for UseAdjust mattress feelDefend mattress against spills and other damageMinor protection of mattress

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using a Mattress Topper


Customers have different reasons for deciding to use a mattress topper, but some of the primary benefits of using one include:

  • Enhanced comfort layer: a mattress topper is a great way to give the topmost layer of your mattress, often known as the comfort layer, a boost. A thicker top layer can make your mattress more aligned with your firmness preference since there are firm and plush toppers. Some materials used for mattress toppers are also highly responsive and can improve the support offered by your bed in ways that promote spinal alignment.
  • Affordability: many toppers can be purchased for a significantly lower cost than a brand new mattress. If you are on a tight budget, a topper can be a great option.
  • Makes your mattress last longer: the comfort layer is often the first part of the mattress to break down, which can hurt the level of performance and comfort offered by your bed. A sagging comfort layer also means that more of your weight is borne by the supporting layers, accelerating the demise of your mattress. A topper that bolsters the comfort layer can thus enhance the useful life of your mattress.
  • Mattress protection: though a topper isn’t designed to protect the mattress, it can be an extra line of defense against spills or allergens, reducing the likelihood of permanent damage to the actual mattress.
  • Gives you more choice: when you select your topper, you can choose one with the types of features that most appeal to you. This includes things like firmness and support but can also include temperature control (to help prevent sleeping hot) and motion isolation (meaning that there is less disruption felt from a partner moving on the bed).
  • Help with pain: if your mattress isn’t delivering the kind of support that you need, it can cause pain throughout the body, but most commonly in the back and hips. Choosing a mattress topper that delivers more contouring and support can thus serve an important role in relieving pain.

Who Should Consider a Mattress Topper?

Because of the benefits and drawbacks of mattress toppers, they usually fit better in certain situations. Some of best instances to consider using a mattress topper include:

When you need to make a firm mattress softer: one of the best ways to make a hard mattress more palatable to sleep on is by using a mattress topper with a softer feel.

When your bed is assigned to you: let’s say you’re renting a furnished room or are a student in a dorm room. In either case, your bed is likely provided for you, and if it’s not comfortable, a topper can be a great way to adjust its feel at a low cost.

When you need a better RV bed: the beds that come in RVs usually aren’t especially comfortable or supportive, and a topper can dramatically improve the situation.

When you want comfort for your guests: you may not want to shell out a ton of money for a guest bed that is only used every now and a again, but a topper on an older mattress can provide plenty of comfort for your visitors.

When you need to beef up your pull-out sofa: pull-out couches are notorious for being uncomfortable. Putting a topper on the provided cushion can make these much more inviting.

When you need more motion isolation: if you sleep with a partner and find that their movement is disrupting your sleep (or the other way around), a topper with good motion isolation may help to resolve your problem.

Mattress Topper Types: Features, Pros, and Cons

When you first get started looking at mattress toppers, you’ll notice that many different materials may be used to make a topper. In this section, we’ll describe the most common materials used in toppers.

Memory Foam

Memory foam

Memory foam is often used in bedding products because of its ability to be both soft and supportive at the same time. The nature of this foam, also called viscoelastic foam, is that it responds directly to the pressure that is put on it. This allows it to contour to the body and give proportional support, improving spinal positioning. It is also great at preventing motion on the bed from being felt on other parts of the bed.

There are three main downsides to memory foam. First, some people find that they sink too deeply into it. The contouring effect for them may instead be a “swallowing” effect. Second, memory foam is usually not very breathable and the way it contours can cause overheating in the night. Third, because it is slow to bounce back to its original shape, some people find it hard to move on top of a memory foam mattress or topper, and this may impede intimacy.

Cooling Gel
Egg Crate

What Should You Consider When Buying a Topper?

Making a good choice for a mattress topper requires evaluating a number of different factors and considerations. Some of the most important to review include:

The type of topper

After reviewing the section on materials used in toppers, we hope you have a general idea of the materials that will be the most likely to work for you. Depending on your needs for firmness, responsiveness, and bounce, certain types are likely to stand out as better fits than others.


As we mentioned earlier, some toppers can make a bed softer while others can make it firmer. Think about your current bed and what is most likely to work for you going forward. If you aren’t sure, a medium firm feel is the most widely accepted feel for mattresses and toppers.

Topper thickness 

Make sure to look at the thickness of your current mattress and consider what it will be like when it is several inches higher. You can also consider your sheets and whether they are likely to cover a taller bed. If you weigh over 200 pounds or have very sharp pressure points, you may also want to err toward a thicker topper that will offer more support.


Keep an eye out for any indications, such as from verified reviews, that a topper has a tendency to wear out quickly. If that happens, you won’t get the support or the comfort that you need.

Foam density

If you’re looking at a foam topper, it can be helpful to know about the density of the foam. A foam with more density is typically more durable. But if you’re not planning to use the topper very often, this may be less relevant. A denser topper can also be inconvenient as it will weigh more, which can be a pain if you are going to have to remove and store the topper frequently (e.g., on a fold-out sofa).

Motion isolation

If you’re having issues with sleep disruption from motion of a partner on the bed, it makes sense to prioritize a topper that can help to alleviate this issue.

Temperature control

Again, think about your current sleeping experience. If you’re having issues with overheating at night (or if you’ve had this issue in the past), keep that in mind when selecting a topper.

Allergy potential

Check to make sure that a topper isn’t made from a material that you may have an allergy or sensitive to, such as latex or down. If you have general allergy issues, you may also look into a topper with a hypoallergenic cover.

Sex and intimacy

When it comes to facilitating sex, not all materials are created the same. If it’s important to have a bed that’s easy to move around on top of, look for a topper with more bounce and resilience.