Best Mattresses for Seniors

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A great mattress can help you to get great sleep, but if you’re having a hard time getting quality, restful sleep, you aren’t alone. As we age, our sleep architecture naturally changes. This means that as we enter our senior years, we may sleep less, have difficulty falling asleep, and wake up repeatedly.

To make things more complicated, sleep disorders like sleep apnea or periodic limb movement disorder frequently affect seniors. A number of other common conditions like chronic pain, neurological problems, poor bladder control, and gastrointestinal issues can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Many older adults also take medications like diuretics, antidepressants, and antihypertensive drugs, all of which can affect sleep. But not getting enough sleep as a senior has serious health implications: Lack of sleep correlates with an increased risk of dementia. Sleep is also essential to recovering from illnesses and injuries.

To get the quality sleep you deserve, you need a mattress that accommodates the sleep challenges you face as you age. The best mattress for seniors combines support, comfort, and a design that allows you to easily move around and get into and out of bed at night. Mattresses that pair with adjustable bases provide additional positioning benefits that can help to relieve pain and reduce snoring. With the right mattress, you can enjoy better quality sleep that protects your health, too.

Our Top Picks

ManufacturerModelMattress TypeFirmnessPrice (Queen)
WinkbedsHybrid3 Choices: Soft (4.5), Luxury Firm (6.5), Firm (7.5) $1,599
Loom & LeafMemory Foam2 Choices: Relaxed Firm (5-6), Firm (8)$1,499
SaatvaInnerspring3 Choices: Plush Soft (3-3.5), Luxury Firm (5-6), Firm (8)$1,199
NectarMemory FoamMedium Firm (6)$699
DreamcloudHybridLuxury Firm (6.5)$999

1. Winkbed

Why We Like it

  • Three different firmness options combine the support of coils with the comfort of memory foam
  • 3-step back relief system aligns joints and promotes muscle relaxation
  • Stabilizing gel layer prevents motion transfer
  • Extraedge Anti-Sag Support prevents edges from sagging and makes it easy to get into and out of bed


WinkBeds’ handmade luxury hybrid mattress is designed to promote quality, restorative sleep. This mattress offers the support of coils paired with comfortable memory foam, and because it is available in three different firmness options, you can choose the mattress design that works best for you. A 3-step back relief system keeps joints properly aligned, promoting muscle relaxation and helping to ease you to sleep.

The foam surface of the mattress relieves pressure points and accommodates all sleep positions. Thanks to the mattress’ stabilizing gel foam layer that surrounds the steel springs, motion transfer is eliminated so you don’t have to worry about waking your partner when you shift or get out of bed. The Extraedge Anti-Sag Support keeps edges from sagging, so getting in and out of bed during the night is easy.

You can try this mattress in your home for 120 nights. If the mattress isn’t right for you, WinkBeds will give you a full refund and pick up the mattress for free.


2. Loom & Leaf

Why We Like it

  • Multi-layer foam offers contouring support paired with additional Spinal Zone Gel lumbar support
  • Mattress pairs with a standard base or with an adjustable base
  • Memory foam and organic cotton cover help to keep you cool

Loom and Leaf Logo

Loom and Leaf Bed

Loom & Leaf’s multi-layer foam support offers contouring for maximized comfort without allowing you to sink down too deeply into the mattress. Spinal Zone Gel offers additional lumbar support for an optimized sleep position while simultaneously helping to keep you cool.

The memory foam layer offers natural cooling which is complemented by the breathable, organic cotton cover. These cooling properties are ideal for helping you to get back to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night.

The mattress can be used with a standard base, but it also pairs with an adjustable bed base which can help to relieve pain, find optimal positioning to get back to sleep, and help to relieve snoring or breathing issues.

You can try this mattress in your home for 120 nights. If you decide to return it, you’re only responsible for a $99 transportation cost.


3. Saatva

Why We Like it

  • Available in multiple heights
  • Pairs with standard and adjustable bases
  • Foam encasement along the edges prevents sagging and increases durability
  • Euro pillow top offers contouring and cushion to relieve pressure points and promote relaxation

Saatva logo

Saatva mattress

The Saatva mattress offers some valuable customization options. It is available in an 11.5 inch or 14.5 inch height, so you can choose a height which allows you to easily get into and out of bed. You can pair this mattress with a standard frame or with an adjustable base, which offers benefits in terms of comfortable positioning, pain relief, and a position that can help to reduce snoring or breathing issues.

This handcrafted mattress features individually wrapped coils paired with memory foam, making for a supportive base with a comfortable upper layer. Three different firmness options allow you to choose the firmness that is comfortable yet that still lets you to easily get in and out of bed. A foam encasement along the mattress’ perimeter offers edge support, preventing sagging and providing durability.

This mattress can also help to relieve pain. The Euro pillow top is both contouring and cushioning in order to relieve pressure and promote relaxation. Additionally, this mattress features lumbar support for optimal spine alignment, helping to keep you relaxed so you can fall asleep more easily.

This mattress features a 120-night in-home trial. If you decide that it isn’t right for you, you’ll receive a full refund and only have to pay a $99 transportation cost


4. Nectar

Why We Like it

  • Five-layer foam construction combines a firm base with a cushioned top
  • Cooling upper layers promote air circulation for increased comfort
  • Pairs with all base types, including adjustable bases
  • Full year in-home trial period

Nectar logo

Nectar Mattress

Nectar’s mattress features a five-layer memory foam construction that provides contouring, support, and pressure-relieving comfort. The hi core memory foam layer offers both rebound and bounce, and when paired with the stable base layer, ensure that the mattress offers enough firmness so that you can get into and out of bed with ease.

If you wake during the night, the top Tencel cooling layer and quilted gel memory foam layers both help to circulate air to aid in temperature regulation. These layers also make for a soft comfort layer, reducing pressure points and keeping you comfortable.

This mattress pairs with all bed types, including adjustable bases to provide you with increased positioning versatility that can relieve pain and help to alleviate breathing issues at night.

You can try this mattress in your home for an entire year. Shipping and returns are free.


5. DreamCloud

Why We Like it

  • Eight-layer construction blends micro coil support with contouring and comfortable memory foam
  • Upper two layers offer cooling properties and breathability
  • Mattress is backed by a guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials for as long as you own the mattress

DreamCloud logo

DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud’s luxury hybrid mattress features an eight-layer construction. Its micro coil compression system incorporates pocketed coils to provide all-over compression support. Multiple layers of memory foam creates contouring support that helps to reduce pressure while providing a supportive yet comfortable sleep surface. Additionally, a latex layer offers a little extra bounce.

To create an ideal temperature for sleeping, the top two layers of this mattress promote cooling. The polyester blend cover is highly breathable and soft, while the gel infused memory foam layer just below it offers cooling comfort. Sleep on this mattress in your home for its 365-night trial. Shipping and returns are free. The mattress is guaranteed against workmanship and material defects for as long as you own it.


Best Mattress for Seniors Buying Guide

When you’re buying a mattress, you need to find the mattress that’s just right for your sleep habits and preferences. The best mattresses for seniors offer features that make it easier to get into and out of bed, get and stay comfortable, and fall back to sleep after you wake up during the night. To find the mattress that’s right for you, look for features such as reinforced anti-sag edges, contouring to reduce pressure points, lumbar support to help relax your muscles, and more. You’ll also want to choose a mattress that’s available in a firmness that you find comfortable, yet that also lets you easily change positions and move about. Foam Latex Innerspring Hybrid Foam

Memory foam offers excellent weight distribution properties. Because the foam responds to your body, it relieves pressure points and lets you sink down into the mattress surface a bit. Memory foam doesn’t jiggle or bounce, and it eliminates motion transfer throughout the mattress. Mattresses sometimes feature a single layer of high-density memory foam, but may also incorporate multiple layers of different types of foam for more customized support.
Average Price:
Queen memory foam mattresses average between $500 and $4,000. Factors such as the mattress thickness, the types of foam used, and the mattress’ design can all affect the price.
Pros for Seniors:
  • Memory foam’s pressure-relieving properties can help to relieve pain for increased comfort
  • Memory foam offers excellent contouring, which can help seniors maintain better spinal alignment
  • Memory foam eliminates motion transfer, so seniors can move about during the night without worrying about disturbing their partners
Cons for Seniors:
  • Sinking in could make it difficult to roll over, which could be challenging for sleepers who need to change position often
  • Many memory foam mattresses lack a reinforced edge, so getting into and out of bed can be difficult
  • Memory foam can hold heat, making it potentially uncomfortable in the summer months or for those who sleep warm
  • Memory foam contours to your body and this can make it difficult to move and shift around
Latex mattresses offer more spring than memory foam, while still providing a comfortable, soft surface. Latex naturally conforms to your body as heavier parts sink down into the mattress; this makes for ideal pressure distribution to avoid pressure points which can help to relieve pain. Naturally hypoallergenic, latex mattresses are also resistant to bed bugs, dust mites, mold, and mildew, making for a healthy sleep environment.
Average Price:
A Queen latex mattress typically costs between $1,500 and $2,500. Factors such as the mattress’ thickness and number of layers, the brand, and the use of synthetic or natural latex all affect cost.
Pros for Seniors:
  • Because latex offers some spring, it can be easier to move around in the bed when you need to shift at night
  • Pressure distribution helps to relieve pain, which can make it easier to relax and fall asleep
  • Latex mattresses are usually more breathable than memory foam, so they may sleep cooler
  • The sensation of sinking down into the mattress as it conforms to your body maximizes relaxation to help you fall and stay asleep
Cons for Seniors:
  • Latex can transfer motion more than a classic memory foam, so you may wake up your partner when shifting or getting into or out of bed at night
  • Latex mattresses can be pricier than other types of mattresses
  • Latex mattresses tend to be heavier than other types, making them more difficult to move and rotate
Innerspring mattresses are built on a bed of metal coils which serves as the main support in the mattress. Most mattresses feature a transition layer of foam or fiber, and mattresses vary according to the size, type, and number of coils used. Innerspring mattresses offer firmer support than other mattress types, but some people don’t enjoy the firmness that they create. These types of mattresses have been used for decades.
Average Price:
A Queen innerspring mattress costs between $700 and $1,200. Various factors affect the cost of an innerspring mattress, including the type of material in the coils, whether coils are pocketed, the total number of coils, and the mattress’ overall durability.
Pros for Seniors:
  • Innerspring mattresses have a firm, supportive base which can make it easier to get into and out of bed at night
  • Innerspring mattresses have stronger edge support than all-foam beds, making it easier to sit or sleep on the edge of the bed without sagging
  • Innerspring mattresses sleep cooler because they are more breathable than other bed types that use thicker foam or latex comfort layers
  • The support these mattresses offer can encourage an optimal spinal alignment, relieving pain and relaxing your muscles so you fall asleep more easily
Cons for Seniors:
  • Innerspring mattresses do not prevent motion transfer as well as memory foam, so shifting around or getting out of bed during the night may wake your partner
  • Innerspring mattresses tend to sag over time and may not last as long as an all-foam bed or a hybrid
  • You may find that innerspring mattresses are too firm for your sleep preferences
Hybrid mattresses offer the best features of both innerspring mattresses and foam or latex mattresses. These mattresses pair a coil base with upper layers of memory foam or latex, creating a mattress that offers plenty of support but that also features the soft, cushioned comfort layer that many sleepers prefer. Because the coils are located within the base, they prevent you from sinking down too far into the mattress, allowing you to easily shift positions when needed.
Average Price:
A Queen-sized hybrid mattress can range in cost from $1,200 to $2,000. Factors including the number of coils used, the number of layers in the mattress, and the quality of the latex or memory foam used will all affect price.
Pros for Seniors:
  • Comfort layers provide the motion isolation and contouring of an all-foam bed, but the innerspring core provides more support, making it easier to move around and get out of bed during the night
  • For the same reasons, hybrid mattresses provide better spinal alignment than softer, all-foam beds
  • Hybrid beds are more breathable than all-foam mattresses, ensuring a cooler sleeping surface
Cons for Seniors:
  • Hybrid mattresses tend to cost more than other mattress types
  • Hybrid mattresses can be heavy, so they might be difficult for you to move alone
  • The comfort layers of hybrid beds may give off an unpleasant odor for the first few days

What to Consider When Buying a Mattress for Seniors?

  • Contouring: Mattresses with contouring adapt to the natural curves and weight of your body. They give the sensation of embracing your body and avoid creating pressure points. Contouring mattresses allow you to shift and sleep in various positions so you still feel supported without feeling restricted.
  • Support: Proper support is essential in keeping your spine aligned, which relieves pain and relaxes your muscles, making it easier for you to fall asleep. Many mattresses feature additional lumbar support which prevents your spine from bending unnaturally. Look for a mattress designed to comfortably support your body without sagging.
  • Firmness: Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the ideal mattress firmness. As we age and it becomes more difficult to get out of bed, you may find that a firmer mattress makes it easier to move around during the night.
  • Motion Isolation: Mattresses designed to isolate motion are ideal when you sleep with a partner. These mattresses may use particular material types, like memory foam, that don’t transfer motion like other materials, such as latex, do. If you often move around at night or find yourself needing to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, a motion isolating mattress can allow your partner to sleep, undisturbed.
  • Temperature Regulation: When you wake up at night and find that your bed is too hot, it’s more difficult to get back to sleep. Many mattresses help to regulate temperature, creating an ideal sleep temperature. Look for a mattress designed to promote air circulation, that includes a cooling gel, or that has a breathable, soft topper that feels cool to the touch.
  • Edge Support: The edges of a mattress often sag because of minimal support within those areas. This makes it difficult to get out of bed and limits the mattress surface that you can use for sleeping. Mattresses with reinforced edge support prevent this sagging so that you can push off of the mattress edge when getting out of bed.
  • Noise: Squeaks, creaks, and other mattress noise make it difficult to get back to sleep and can disturb a partner when you move around. Look for a mattress that stays quiet even when you move. Memory foam is a naturally quiet material. Innerspring mattresses are the “loudest” mattress type, but a quality innerspring with pocket coils produces only minimal noise.
  • Price: You’ll always need to keep the price of a mattress in mind when shopping, but resist the urge to purchase the cheapest mattresses you find, since they are low quality and likely don’t have the features you need to get adequate sleep. The best mattresses for seniors may cost a little more, but they’re worth it in terms of quality and their ability to help you get better, more restful sleep.

Sleep Accessories for Seniors

Purchasing the best mattress for seniors is the first step in ensuring that you get quality sleep, but your sleep accessories can also affect your sleep health. The following accessories are important purchases that can improve your comfort and give you more control over your sleep.


A quality pillow can allow you to sleep in multiple positions and aids in spinal alignment, relieving muscle tension and pain. Some of the best pillows provide a responsive feel, preventing bunching and pressure points that occur with some lower-end pillows. A pillow that feels cool to the touch can help you get back to sleep after waking up in the night.

If you frequently move around and try different positions to help you get to sleep, body pillows can help. These larger pillows can be used in any number of ways to support different parts of your body, allowing you to sleep on your side, with the pillow between your knees, or in another position that relieves pain and maximizes your comfort. Body pillows are highly versatile and can aid with pain relief, positioning, and more.

When shopping for pillows, look for a firmness that you find comfortable. Many pillows offer temperature regulation, and pillows that contour to your body can be versatile additions to your sleep health.

Mattress Toppers

If you find that your mattress isn’t quite working out, but you’re not ready to purchase an entirely new mattress yet, then mattress toppers may offer a solution. Mattress toppers can be laid on top of your existing mattress as a low-cost fix.

When your existing mattress is too firm, you may experience pain, stiffness, and discomfort that makes it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. A softer mattress topper can relieve pressure points and conform to your body. The additional cushion offered by a topper can help to relax your muscles, making it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

It may be tempting to invest in a thick, soft mattress topper, but a topper that you sink down into can make it more difficult to shift around or get out of bed at night. Instead, look for a topper that offers the comfort and pressure relief that you need, while also retaining a bit of firmness that you can push off of. You may want to look for a topper that has temperature regulation, or consider a memory foam topper if you need motion isolation properties so that you don’t disturb your partner.

Adjustable Beds

Finding that ideal sleeping position at night can be a challenge, and there are only so many positions you can achieve comfortably with a standard bed. Adjustable beds offer increased versatility, giving you more control over your sleep position. By elevating your feet, torso, or both, you can relieve pain, increase lower leg circulation, and find that position that lets you drift off to sleep. If you experience breathing or snoring issues, elevating your head with an adjustable bed can help to improve some of these issues.

Adjustable beds come with many different features. Some are equipped with a massage function, which can help to relax you and soothe sore muscles. Wall-hugging designs require only minimal space, making them ideal for smaller rooms. Look for a bed that’s equipped with a remote that is easy to use; some beds come pre-programmed with different position settings to take some of the guesswork out of their operation. If you sleep with a partner, then a bed that allows you to adjust each side independently may work best.


Sleep Help and Tips for Seniors

While the right mattress will go a long way toward helping you sleep, these sleep help tips can also help you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

  1.  Stay active during the day. Avoid taking naps during the day and try to keep yourself active, instead. Go for a walk outdoors and do activities that will tire you out. Try to spend some time in the sun each day and keep your home well-lit until the evening. This lighting change can signal to your body when it’s time to go to bed.
  2. Stick to a regular sleep schedule. Be disciplined and keep yourself on a regular sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning. Don’t let yourself stay in bed even when you’re still tired. By establishing a sleep schedule, you can get your body on that same schedule so that you’re ready to go to sleep on time each night.
  3. Practice good sleep hygiene. In addition to establishing a sleep schedule, certain activities will prepare your body to go to sleep. Avoid spending time in bed unless it’s to sleep, and turn off the TV early on in the night, since the light can stimulate your body and keep you awake later. Instead, wind down with a quiet activity like reading or take a warm bath to get your muscles to relax.

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