The Best Mattresses of 2018

Finding the perfect mattress can be a slog.

You can visit multiple mattress stores with salespeople pushing you to needlessly expensive beds, investigate hundreds of online mattresses that all seem the same, and read countless reviews only to feel no more prepared to buy. Fortunately, it doesn't need to be that complicated.

Our team at Sleep Help has removed the headache by laying out our favorite mattresses of the year. If you're just getting started or almost ready to make a purchase, use our selections to help guide you towards the sleep you deserve.

Saatva – The Best Innerspring Mattress

Saatva is our choice for best innerspring mattress. It has tempered steel hourglass coils in the support core. On top of that are layers of contouring pocket coils and eco-friendly memory foam for added contour, hug, and comfort. The cover is organic cotton with a botanical Guardin® antimicrobial treatment for a premium sleep experience.

The Saatva mattress comes at an excellent price point for its durability and well-made materials. One big selling point is that Saatva’s materials are all green and sustainably sourced. The steel in the coils is recycled. Plus, the memory foams have at least 30% soy or corn oil.


Saatva mattress

Tomorrow Sleep – The Best Hybrid Mattress

Tomorrow Sleep is our best choice for a hybrid mattress. It offers a unique sleep experience from its architecture. Under the pocket coil support core is a high-density foam layer. The top of the mattress has three layers of memory foam: one for enhanced support, one for pressure relief, and one for cooling. They work together to support, contour, and comfort.

Not only does Tomorrow Sleep offer excellent materials but does so at the low price point of under $900. Mattress legacy firm Serta started Tomorrow Sleep a few years ago, and so there’s more than a century of mattress research and experience behind the brand. Plus, it comes with a 365-night sleep trial which is one of the longest in the industry.


Tomorrow sleep hybrid mattress

Layla – The Best Memory Foam Mattress

Layla’s mattress uses copper-infused memory foam as its comfort layers. There is a dual support core of high-quality convoluted and base foam. Their foams are CertiPUR-US certified for low VOCs and a guarantee of non-toxic materials in its construction. The cover is reactive and made with Thermogel® which is temperature regulating technology.

One of the reasons Layla was our choice for best memory foam is its dual firmness design. The mattress is flippable so that one side is softer and one firmer. It gives you the option to change your sleep experience instantly. Also, the copper infused into the memory foam is cooling, healing and promotes enhanced circulation as a high-tech solution for better sleep.


Zenhaven – The Best Latex Mattress

Our favorite among latex mattresses is the all-natural Zenhaven. The mattress features dual support cores and two comfort layers. All are responsive and super-comfortable Talalay latex. The latex is of excellent quality, sleeps cools, and offers optimal support and comfort. Plus, the cover is organic cotton and New Zealand wool.

The comfort layers feature five zones of support for greater or less support and comfort according to the needs of your body with more support under the torso and less from the knees down and under the neck. We love this bed because in addition to its eco-friendly, sustainably sourced materials, Zenhaven features a flippable design with one side is firmer and the other plusher.


Novosbed – The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

The Novosbed is an all-foam mattress that offers excellent pressure relief and comfort for side sleepers. There’s a support core of premium foam then dual comfort layers of high-density memory foam under gel memory foam for cooling effect. The cover is moisture-wicking breathable Tencel® fabric. Together, these components make a good sleep feel for side sleepers.

One reason we chose Novosbed as the best for side sleepers because they offer an excellent Comfort+ program which guarantees satisfaction. If the bed isn’t firm or soft enough, they send you replacement layers for you to change the build of your mattress to meet your needs. Side sleepers need support and comfort on pressure points and Novosbed can fine tune the bed to your preferences.


Leesa – The Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

Leesa’s all-foam design merges support and comfort required by back sleepers that need support under their torso but comfort as well. There’s a high-density polyfoam support core under a dual comfort layer. A rich layer of memory foam is under a generous layer of their proprietary Avena® cooling foam. The cover is stretchy comfortable Lycra®.

As a medium-firm mattress, Leesa is a top choice for back sleepers because it keeps the hips and shoulders aligned with proper support while still offering comfort and pressure relief for which memory foam is known. It has adequate bounce and the Avena® gel sleepers cooler than other memory foams.

Leesa Mattress

Sleep On Latex – The Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers have unique needs and Sleep on Latex meets them. The all-natural Dunlop latex bed in the firmer model is usually preferred by stomach sleepers. Latex is responsive and offers bounce and pressure relief without letting you sink in too deeply. Stomach sleepers need a firm surface with resiliency and bounce that’s not too rigid.

Sleep on Latex’s design offers excellent hip support so that you don’t hammock into the bed throwing your spine out of alignment. There is organic wool batting and a thin, responsive cover to compliment the latex. At less than $800 for an all-natural latex mattress, it is an excellent value for the price and well-designed for this sleeping posture.

Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid – The Best Mattress for Back Pain

Nest Bedding’s Signature hybrid mattress has five thoughtfully architected layers including a pocket coil core topped with cooling support foam. Three comfort layers include copper-infused foam, cooling endurance foam, and gel-infused memory foam. The cover is high-tech thermic phase-change fabric to regulate temperature for cooling rest.

The pocket coil support layer offers the right support for those dealing with back pain but then adds contour with its memory foam comfort layers. Nest’s hybrid is our top choice for back pain because excellent support plus meaningful pressure relief equal a better night’s sleep.

Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid

Tuft & Needle – The Best Budget Mattress

Tuft & Needle makes an all-foam two-layer mattress with cooling technology. The support layer is high-density polyfoam. The upper comfort layer is their proprietary Adaptive® foam for pressure relief and contains heat dissipating graphite and cooling gel elements. The cover is breathable and cooling plus stretchy and comfortable.

All Tuft & Needle foams are CertiPUR-US, GreenGuard Gold, and OEKO-TEX certified for low VOCs and consumer safety. We picked T&N for the best budget bed because the price point is amazing at less than $600 for progressive tech. Tuft & Needle’s simple design and quality materials make a great bed.

Tuft and Needle

Casper Wave – The Best Luxury Mattress

Our choice for the best luxury sleep experience is the Casper Wave. It has five layers of several types of foam. The support core is high-density polyfoam and over that is high-resiliency polyfoam. There are three comfort layers over this. The first is memory foam and then latex and on top is a layer of proprietary foam they call Flo foam for cooling comfort.

The five different types of foam, some with cuts for contour and some with extra support work together for optimal support without rigidity. The latex, foam, and Flo foam create pressure relief, breathability, and supreme comfort. It makes for a premium and luxurious experience that supports and contours where you want for ultimate sleep.

Casper Wave

Avocado – The Best Firm Mattress

The Avocado is our choice for best firm mattress and offers all the benefits of latex plus an eco-friendly sensibility. The bed is a latex hybrid with a support core of pockets coils for ergonomic sleep with zones of optimized support. The comfort layer is well-made Dunlop latex, and the cover contains New Zealand wool and organic cotton that wicks moisture and cools.

One big selling point is that all of Avocado’s materials are sustainably sourced all-natural latex. The mattress is eco-INSTITUT, Greenguard Gold, GOTS, and OEKO-TEK certified. For those looking for a firm bed, Avocado’s latex offers unparalleled support yet with cushion for pressure points. The bounce, resiliency, and performance are impressive.


Helix – The Best Soft Mattress

Our choice for best soft mattress is the Helix that’s a hybrid construction of four well-crafted layers. The support core is high-quality polyfoam along with a layer of pocket coils that help keep the bed cool. On top are comfort layers of high-density polyfoam and proprietary Dynamic foam. The bed is custom made for you based on a sleep quiz.

Helix made our top picks list because it offers a soft sleep experience for those that demand it, but also can meet dual needs because of the available split design. If you need a soft bed and your partner something different, Helix can accommodate. The materials contour, hug for pressure point relief, yet dissipate heat.

Helix Mattress