Best Online Mattresses 2018

Mattress shopping today is a dramatically different experience than it was just 5 or 10 years ago. While e-commerce has been growing for well over a decade, many people never expected it to reach the mattress industry.

After all, it was assumed that the desire to “try out” a mattress in a store would always confine mattress purchases to brick-and-mortar stores. But that assumption has turned out to be incredibly wrong.

Instead, online mattress sales have exploded with a plethora of companies selling mattresses directly to consumers through their own websites and through third-party retailers. These companies offer a huge range of options at extremely competitive prices and typically with free shipping and the opportunity to try out a mattress risk-free in your own home.

This has spurred more and more competition and better and better values for customers. In addition, online mattress companies have widely adopted a strong orientation toward customer care that stands in contrast to what was often the experience of in-store mattress shopping.

For all these reasons, more people than ever are choosing to shop for and buy a new mattress online. If you've started on this process, you've almost certainly noticed that your options are abundant. To help, we’ve written this guide to direct you to our top picks for the best mattresses online. For more details about the benefits and downsides of buying online and how it’s different from shopping in-store, check out our guide to Buying a Mattress Online.

What Are the Best Online Mattresses?

To get you started with your top picks, we’ve broken them down into a simple table that introduces you to some of their key characteristics including the type, firmness, and price of the mattress.

Brand Model Mattress Type Firmness Price (Queen)
Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Hybrid Medium Soft (4) / Medium Firm (6) $990
Leesa Memory Foam Medium Firm (5-6) $995
Helix Hybrid Customizable $995
Saatva Innerspring Plush Soft (3) / Luxury Firm (5-6) / Firm (8) $999
GhostBed Classic Latex-Foam Hybrid Medium Firm (6-7) $895
AS2 Memory Foam Medium Firm (6-7) $1,299
Alexander Signature Hybrid Hybrid Plush (3) / Medium (5-6) / Firm (7-8) $1,199

Now that you have a basic introduction to the best mattresses online, it’s time to delve a bit deeper into the specifications of these mattresses and the reasons why they made our list.

Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Tomorrow Sleep was launched by Serta Simmons, a powerhouse company in the world of mattress manufacturing. This mattress represents their push into selling mattresses online and directly to consumers.

The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress is available in two models with a slightly different design intended to provide each with its own firmness feel. The Medium Soft mattress falls as a 4 on the typical firmness scale, and the Medium Firm is a 6.

Both have a support core of 6” of pocketed innerspring coils made with carbon steel, and that innerspring layer is stabilized by a 1” base layer of support polyfoam. The comfort layers are made up of memory foam and gel-infused polyfoam. In the Medium Firm mattress there is also an additional layer of transition foam between the innerspring coils and the top two comfort layers. A layer of foam surrounds the outside of the coils, providing reinforced edge support that is often lacking in many foam and hybrid mattresses.

This hybrid mattress design garners the benefits of innerspring coils (support and bounce) along with the benefits of memory foam (contouring and pressure point relief). Either model is viable for side sleepers, and the Medium Firm can work well for many back and stomach sleepers as well. Another plus is that the mattress includes features -- such as phase-change material (PCM) and gel-infused foam -- that can help keep you from having problems with sleeping hot.

This mattress comes with a sleep trial of a full year, which far outpaces the industry-average sleep trial. This gives you ample time to try it out risk-free. As it costs less than $1,000 for a Queen, the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid also represents an excellent value relative to many hybrids on the market.

Tomorrow sleep hybrid mattress

Leesa Mattress

Leesa has become one of the most well-recognized names in the mattress industry thanks to its simple and elegant yet high-performance foam mattress. The Leesa mattress is a best-seller and for good reason.

The top comfort layer in the Leesa is made of a specialty material that the company calls Avena foam. This is a latex-like foam that contours to the body but without a deep hugging feeling that is found with some traditional memory foams. In addition, the Avena foam has more bounce, making it easier to move about on the mattress without feeling stuck. Supporting the 2" of Avena foam is 2" of memory foam, which strengthens the Leesa’s ability to cushion the body in a way that relieves pressure points and supports spinal health. Finally, the bottom of the mattress is a 6" thick slab of support polyfoam that brings the total mattress height to 10".

Though its design is simple -- just three foam layers -- the results are undeniable. The Leesa is beloved by most customers and by independent reviewers. It’s responsiveness and medium-firm (6-7) feel make it a great choice for side, back, and stomach sleepers. And its resilience helps it both sleep cool and be great for people with an active sex life.

On top of these benefits, Leesa has earned a great reputation for customer service and makes this mattress available for under $1,000 in a Queen size. With 100 nights to try it out risk-free in your bedroom, all of these factors make the Leesa a clear cut pick for our list of the best mattresses sold online.

Leesa Mattress

Helix Mattress

The calling card of the Helix hybrid mattress is that it is customized specifically for you. On the Helix website, as part of the purchasing process, the company requests that you answer a handful of questions as part of a Sleep Quiz. Your answers are plugged into a proprietary algorithm that offers modifications and specifications tailored to your sleeping needs. As a result, Helix makes the mattress buying experience easy: instead of you searching high and low for a mattress that works, Helix just builds that mattress for you from the start.

While each Helix is customized, the general construction is the same. The comfort layer is a proprietary material, called Dynamic Foam, which is a latex-like polyfoam. This foam can be adjusted by the company to different firmness levels based on your needs, but its standard properties include both contouring and resilience. The second layer is 2” of pocketed micro-coils that add to both contouring and bounce, working in tandem with the Dynamic Foam layer. The third layer is 2” thick and made of a transition foam that gives more stability and firmness, and the fourth layer is 4” of base support polyfoam. Based on the results of your Sleep Quiz, the company can make adjustments to the feel of these foams and thus the bed overall.

The Helix mattress has an industry standard 100-night sleep trial, but most customers are satisfied and never put this return policy to use. Despite the fact that these mattresses are built for you and not just taken “off-the-shelf,” the Helix is sold for less than $1,000 for a Queen, putting it squarely on our list of the top mattresses that you can buy online.

Helix Mattress

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva company manufactures several different types of mattresses, but their flagship Saatva mattress stands out as a top innerspring option and a top pick overall. The Saatva is innovative in its use of more than one layer of coils to ensure a responsive and relaxing sleeping experience.

The bottom layer of the Saatva is an array of innerspring coils that is 7" thick. Made with quality metal, these coils give the mattress stability and a base amount of bounce. Above this layer is 4” of individually-wrapped micro-coils. These offer more responsiveness because the individually-wrapped coils have more ability to compress independently and without compression of adjacent coils. The micro-coils are covered with a thin lumbar pad that is then topped with a quilted pillowtop with different amounts of foam depending on your firmness preference.

Customers can choose between Plush Soft (3), Luxury Firm (5-6), or Firm (8) comfort levels while knowing that each will offer contouring from the micro-coils. Side sleepers usually do best with Plush Soft or Luxury Firm while back or stomach sleepers may prefer the Firm or perhaps the Luxury Firm in order to avoid the pelvis sinking too much and putting the spine out of alignment.

For less than $1,000, you can purchase the Saatva and reap the benefits of its innovative coil-on-coil design. In addition, Saatva has an excellent reputation for customer care and offers a huge extra value by providing free white-glove delivery. This service includes setup of the Saatva and haul-away of your old mattress.

Saatva mattress

Ghostbed Classic Mattress

The GhostBed Classic mattress is an all-foam mattress that sets itself apart from many competitors based on its use of both latex and memory foam while still being offered at a very accessible price point.

Underneath a plush stretch cover, the Ghostbed has a layer of 1.5” of aerated latex with a density of 3.5 PCF. Underneath the latex is a 2” layer of gel-infused memory foam with a density of 4 PCF. Providing the base for these two layers is 7.5” of polyfoam with a density of 2 PCF. The combination of latex and memory foam gives the GhostBed an edge over many other foam mattresses. Latex has the ability to conform to the body, but at the same time maintains a high level of resilience or bounce. By placing this above high-density memory foam, the mattress can offer pressure point relief through contouring as well as the springiness of latex.

As a medium-firm mattress, the GhostBed works well for most sleepers. It is soft and responsive enough for side sleepers while also firm enough to keep back or stomach sleepers from sagging too deeply into the mattress. Moreover, by using foams throughout the mattress that are of higher-than-average densities, GhostBed enhances the durability of the mattress and its ability to hold up well over years of nightly use no matter your weight or sleeping position.

At a price of only $895 for a Queen -- before any discounts or promotions -- the GhostBed is a budget option that delivers high-end performance.


Amerisleep AS2 Mattress

Amerisleep is a well-established brand that has built its business selling mattresses online. The company offers 5 different models of foam mattresses, and the AS2 mattress (formerly named the Revere mattress) serves as a solid blend of straightforward design, quality materials, and an affordable price.

The comfort layer of the AS2 is made of 2” of high-density (4 PCF) memory foam. This foam has a relatively soft feel, enhancing the contouring effect of the memory foam. This layer works to give proportional cushioning to the body, relieving pressure points and promoting healthy alignment of the spine. To keep the mattress from having too much sink, the second layer is 3” of a transition foam that has a density of 1.65 PCF and is built with different zones that can offer more support where it’s most needed. This gives a solid base to the memory foam comfort layer, a base that is further buttressed with the bottom layer, which is 7” of support foam with a density of 1.8 PCF.

With its medium-firm feel and level of contouring, this mattress can work well for sleepers in any position. It can also be a good fit for people who are worried about sleeping hot. While some traditional memory foam mattresses have issues with heat retention, the Amerisleep AS2 uses an open-cell foam that allows more air to circulate and more heat to dissipate. The cover also uses Celliant textile technology. This material helps to reflect heat back as infrared energy, and some studies indicate that this can promote cooling and muscle recovery.

Amerisleep has a strong reputation in the industry, offers a 100-night sleep trial, and makes this mattress available for purchase at a reasonable price ($1,299 before any discounts) given the quality of the materials that go into it.

Amerisleep AS2 Mattress

Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress

The Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid has a hybrid design that includes innerspring coils combined with high quality memory foams to create a "best of both worlds" feel.

The mattress is available in three different firmness levels -- Soft (3-4), Medium (5-6) or Luxury Firm (7-8) -- but all three models have a luxurious feel thanks to the pillowtop. This pillowtop is 2” tall and has foam with a density of 1.5 PCF sewn inside. The second layer is 2” of copper-infused memory foam, which serves as the primary comfort layer for contouring and cushioning the body’s pressure points. The third layer is 2” of a transition foam with a density of 1.8 PCF, and the bottom layer is 7” of pocketed innerspring coils. This layer of coils gives the mattress additional responsiveness while also contributing resilience, bounce, and stability.

The ability to select a different comfort feel helps make this mattress a solid option for sleepers in any position. For most side sleepers, the Soft or Medium is the best fit, while stomach and back sleepers generally prefer the Luxury Firm. Regardless of the chosen comfort level, the Alexander Signature Hybrid can provide needed support and cushioning to each part of the body.

Nest Bedding is part of Brooklyn Bedding, and together these companies have a long history in the industry and high level of expertise in mattress design and manufacturing. The Alexander Signature Hybrid comes with a 100-night sleep trial and even with its use of high-quality materials, it can be purchased for just $1,199 before any discounts or promotions have been applied.

Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid