BlanQuil Weighted Blanket Review

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BlanQuil is a Texas-based sleep company that sells both bedding and therapeutic sleep products, including weighted blankets, weighted eye masks, and aromatherapy pillows. What sets them apart is their wide range of products: they sell eight weighted blankets in total that come in a variety of weights and sizes, each designed for a different demographic or need.

BlanQuil uses eco-friendly glass micro-beads for the inner fill in all of their weighted products, with most of the blankets coming in a micro-plush cover. Some of these covers are removable and machine-washable and dryable, while others are designed with cooling features in mind. They come in a range of different colors, textures, and quilting.

We’ll be focusing on the Quilted Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover. Available in seven different colors, including a cooling fabric option, and two weights, it’s designed for use by a single person as a throw.

Check out our breakdown of the blanket’s features, options, pros, and cons. We’ll also give you an overview of what you should look out for when shopping for a weighted blanket as well as BlanQuil as a brand.

  1. Eco-friendly weighted glass beads
  2. Machine-washable and dryer friendly
  3. Cooling option available
  4. 60-night sleep trial and free shipping
  1. It’s small and only for use by one person
  2. BlanQuil doesn’t provide return shipping, and it can cost a lot to return
  3. Some customers don’t think the weight distributes properly
  4. Some customers find it too heavy

In-depth BlanQuil Weighted Blanket Review

Materials and Options

BlanQuil sells a large variety of weighted blankets, all using glass micro-beads for the fill. Their biggest differences are in weight and dimensions: their product line ranges from a 7 lb weighted blanket for children to a 36 lb weighted blanket that fits over a king-sized bed.

Model DimensionsWeightPrice
Quilted Weighted Blanket w/Removable Cover48″ x 74″15 lbs, 20 lbs$169
Chill Cooling Weight Blanket w/Removable Cover48″ x 74″15 lbs, 20 lbs$169
Basic Weighted Blanket48″ x 74″12 lbs, 15 lbs$129
Premium Weighted Blanket48″ x 74″15 lbs, 20 lbs$169
Blanquil Junior Weighted Blanket36″ x 48″7 lbs$109
Passport Travel Weighted Blanket36″ x 60″10 lbs$149
Royale Weighted Comforter88″ x 100″ Queen 100″ x 100″ King36 lbs$399

**Prices listed are from company website. Prices may fluctuate on third-party sites like Amazon.

Pricing Information

Weighted blankets aren’t cheap. In general, prices tend to start at around $100, with the more expensive models averaging around $300 to $400. Whether this is worth it depends on what you’re looking for.

How much you end up spending on your weighted blanket depends on its materials, quality, effectiveness, and design. For example, an organic hand-knitted blanket filled with steel balls will cost a lot more than a mass-produced will cost a lot more than one made out of polyester and filled with plastic pellets.

Size also matters: many of the more affordable weighted blankets are throw-sized and meant to be used by one person. If you’re looking for a weighted that’s big enough for your bed, that will cost you.

Inner MaterialOuter MaterialColor Options
Eco-Friendly Weighted Glass BeadsMicro-Plush Chill Cooling Fabric Poly-blend Gray, Taupe, Charcoal, Navy, Pearl, Lilac White Frost (Chill Cooling Only) Ivory Fleur-De-Lis (Comforter Only) Powder Blue, Soft Pink (Junior Only)

**Some models have limited color options.

BlanQuil Weighted Blanket Performance

Overall, BlanQuil’s Quilted Weighted Blanket is an excellent choice for those who want their weighted blanket to be as straightforward and fuss-free as possible. It would make a great beginner gravity blanket for most. Its weight options are heavy enough to be noticeable and effectively snug, while its soft, breathable micro-plush keeps it cozy but usable year-round. Many positive reviews praised it for being so soft, heavy, and calming that it put them to sleep within 5-10 minutes. Plus, the cover is removable and machine-washable and dryable, which isn’t typical for weighted blankets.

On the other hand, it’s designed to be a throw and won’t be suitable for use as a blanket for a bed. At 48″ by 74″, only one person can use it as a time. Other common complaints in negative reviews included flimsy manufacturing, the inner fill not being distributed evenly enough, and some reviewers said they found it too heavy.

If BlanQuil’s Quilted Weighted Blanket is either too small or too heavy for your needs, then you might want to check out the rest of BlanQuil’s weighted blankets line. They also offer a basic weighted blanket that’s available in 12 lbs, a travel size that’s available in 10 lbs, and a junior size that’s available in 7 lbs, as well as a 36 lb model that’s 88-100″ by 100″ and for use on queen- and king-sized beds.

Inner Fill★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Outer Material★★★★★★★★★☆
Weight Options★★★★★★★★★☆
Distribution of Fill★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Ease and Use of Cleaning★★★★★★★★★☆
  • Inner Fill: The inner fill of this blanket is made out of eco-friendly, weighted glass micro-beads. While these are heavy enough to be quite snug, some reviewers say that they’re not distributed evenly enough to be effective.
  • Outer Fill: The BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket’s cover is made out of a quilted micro-plush fabric. Soft, breathable, and removable, it contains ties inside to keep everything in place.
  • Breathability: Although the blanket’s cover is made out of a soft, heavy micro-plush, several reviewers said that it’s still breathable enough that you can use it during the summer. If the standard model is too hot, you can also get it in a specialty cooling fabric.
  • Weight Options: Blanquil’s Quilted Weighted Blanket comes in only two weight options: 15 lbs and 20 lbs. While this is enough to be effectively snug and therapeutic, some reviewers complain that it’s too heavy.
  • Distribution of Inner Fill: The most common complaint when it comes to this blanket is the distribution of the weighted glass beads that make up the fill. Although there are features in place to reduce shifting, like reinforced ties and quilting, it looks like this isn’t enough for some reviewers.
  • Durability: Unfortunately, durability isn’t one of this blanket’s selling points. The second most common complaint, after the weight distribution, was that the blanket started falling apart after a short time.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning: While some weighted blankets require professional cleaning services, this model comes in a removable cover that can go in both a washing machine and a dryer. The cooling cover comes with special cleaning instructions.

How Do Customers Rate the BlanQuil Weighted Blanket?

MyBlanQuil.com4.5/5 (341 reviews)
Amazon3.5/5 (178 reviews)
Google ShoppingN/A
Consumer ReportsN/A

How Heavy Should My BlanQuil Weighted Blanket Be?

Because weighted blankets have to be heavy enough to make you feel secure, while not being so heavy that they’ll completely overwhelm or suffocate you, you have to buy a weighted blanket that corresponds to your body weight. BlanQuil suggests buying weighted blankets that are 8-15% of your total body weight. Keep in mind that this is just a general guideline, and that different weights will work for different people.

Like many of BlanQuil’s weighted blankets, the Quilted Weighted Blanket is available in two weights: 15 lbs and 20 lbs. This means that they’re best for people who weigh between 100 pounds and 187.5 pounds, and 133 pounds and 250 pounds, respectively.

BlanQuil offers blankets in other weights, from 7 lbs for the kid-friendly Junior Model to 36 lbs for the blankets intended for use with a queen or king-sized mattress.

Blanket WeightBody Weight
7 lbs47 lbs – 88 lbs
10 lbs67 lbs – 125 lbs
12 lbs80 lbs – 150 lbs
15 lbs100 lbs – 188 lbs
20 lbs133 lbs – 250 lbs
36 lbs240 lbs – 450 lbs

Company Information

Comfort, quality, and effectiveness are the top priorities when it comes to choosing a weighted blanket, but you also shouldn’t discount the importance of the fine print details like availability, shipping policies, and trial and warranty policies. This affects everything from the final price to whether the brand will give you a refund or a replacement in case there are any defects.

AvailabilityCustomers can order BlanQuil products to any location in the United States and Canada. You can buy them from BlanQuil’s website, as well as Amazon and in a selection of mattress stores around the country.
ShippingBlanQuil offers free shipping in the U.S., and Canada, plus customs and duties taxes for Canadian customers. Shipping takes 2-3 business days to process, and there’s no assembly required for weighted blankets.
TrialBlanQuil’s sleep trial is 60 nights long. If you don’t like your blanket, you can return it within that period for a full refund. You’ll have to pay for return shipping.
WarrantyBlanquil’s products do not appear to come with any sort of warranty policy.

Customer Service: The majority of customers who’ve interacted with BlanQuil’s customer service team report being satisfied with the experience.

Reputation: BlanQuil has built a reputation around selling a variety of eco-friendly weighted blankets, along with a range of other therapeutic sleep products.

BBB Rating: BlanQuil has yet to receive a rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Years in Business: It’s not clear when BlanQuil was founded.

Physical Stores: BlanQuil products are available for purchase in person from more than 4,000 mattress stores around the country.

Contact Information: (888)573-7559,, [email protected]