Casper Mattress Review

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Casper’s signature bed is a mixed foam mattress, often credited with beginning the industry’s movement towards online retail. Since its launch in 2014, Casper has continued to improve its mattress and has established a solid reputation for customer service.

The Casper mattress is made up of four distinct layers: 5 inches of poly support foam, 1.5 inches of proprietary transition foam, 1.5 inches of memory foam and 1.5 inches of open-cell foam. The cover is 100 percent polyester. The mattress is available in one firmness option in all standard sizes, each 10 inches in height.


Casper Mattress

In-depth Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress Sizing and Pricing
Twin39” x 75” x 10”44 lbs$695
Twin XL39” x 80” x 10”46 lbs$745
Full54” x 75” x 10”60 lbs$1,050
Queen60” x 80” x 10”71 lbs$1,195
King76” x 80” x 10”91 lbs$1,495
California king72” x 84” x 10”90 lbs$1,495

The Casper Mattress is available in one firmness option, which falls around a 4 on the firmness scale. (The scale is from 1-10, with 10 being the most firm and 1 being the least firm.) This mid-level firmness is generally suitable for all sleeping positions. But a sleeper who prefers a more firm, solid feel might find the Casper too plush.


The Casper is available directly from the manufacturer’s website and can also be found on Amazon. Shipping is free and available throughout the United States and Canada. If you prefer to shop in-store, Casper operates several brick and mortar stores around the country. The company has created a retail partnership with Target, selling several products both in-store and online. At this time, however, the Casper mattress is not available through this outlet.


The Casper is a mixed foam mattress, constructed in four distinct layers. The company has continued to tweak the design and specifications of the mattress. This review lists the most current information on the latest Casper offering. The support core is made of 5 inches of 1.8 PCF (pounds per square foot) poly foam. This provides durable support at the base.

The transition layer is 1.5 inches of 2.5 PCF. proprietary zoned transition foam. This layer responds to pressure and adds some bounce to the mattress.

Next is a 1.5-inch layer of 4 PCF memory foam, topped with 1.5 inches and 3.5 PCF of a breathable, open-cell foam. The memory foam layer provides contoured pressure relief, while the open-cell foam helps with cooling and adds a bit of bounce. The cover is 100 percent polyester. Casper’s foams are Certi-Pur certified and regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality.


The Casper ships compressed in plastic in a labeled box. There are no parts and absolutely no assembly required

Shipping Policies: The Casper typically ships within 1-2 days of ordering and arrives 1-5 days later via UPS ground. Shipping is free and available throughout the United States and Canada.


When the Casper arrives, you should promptly unpack and unroll it so the mattress can begin decompressing. Casper claims the mattress will be ready to sleep on within minutes.

Sleep Trial

When purchased directly from the manufacturer, the Casper mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial. If you decide you are unhappy with the mattress for any reason, you have up to 100 nights to get a full refund. Casper will arrange to pick up the mattress to be donated or recycled.

If purchased through Amazon, the Casper still carries a 100-night sleep trial. Any returns, however, are coordinated with Amazon. If charity can’t be found to pick up your mattress, you may be responsible for coordinating and/or paying for UPS drop-off or pickup.


Casper offers a 10-year limited warranty on this mattress. During the warranty period, the company will replace or repair the mattress if there are defects in craftsmanship. The warranty does not cover any shipping costs associated with repair or replacement. Full terms can be found here.

Additional Services

White glove delivery is available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. For an additional fee, the company will delivery and set up the mattress.

Old Mattress Removal

In Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, you can also arrange to have your old mattress removed.

Casper Mattress Performance

As we have mentioned, Casper has continually updated and tweaked its namesake mattress. We are basing our performance evaluations on the most recent Casper model available.


Support keeps your body aligned while you sleep. Casper has redesigned its namesake mattress in an attempt to strike a balance between comfortable contouring and acceptable bounce. The aim was to provide zoned support without additional sink in the mattress. Casper has used a slightly softer foam in the shoulder area and a firmer foam in the hip area. This helps to both relieve pressure and provide proper spinal alignment. Customers tend to find this mattress very supportive.


The Casper’s foam layers work together to offer conforming and targeted pressure relief. The comfort layers of memory foam and open-cell foam each contour to the body and provide appropriate relief on your body’s pressure points. The zoned support mentioned above allows for varying degrees of contouring best suited to the different areas of the body.


Quality foam mattresses tend to hold up well over time. The Casper has only been on the market for a little more than 3 years, so data on its durability and longevity are not yet available. But company testing and independent reviewers show the mattress being reliable and customers report that the mattress is performing well after several years of use.

Suitability for Sex

Another common problem with foam mattress is that the lack of bounce and responsiveness obstructs sexual activity. The Casper combats this with its added bounce and open-cell comfort layer. The Casper’s surface facilitates movement on top of the mattress and it is responsive and bouncy enough for unhampered sexual activity.

Motion Isolation

The current Casper has more bounce and responsiveness than traditional memory foam mattresses, which also results in comparatively less motion isolation. The Casper still isolates motion better than most innerspring mattresses, but the most sensitive sleepers might still be disturbed to another’s movement in this bed.

Edge Support

Because the perimeter is not reinforced, foam mattresses tend to lack strong edge support. The Casper mattress falls in this category. The strong poly foam support core, however, does a good job of allowing the mattress to retain its shape and support weight even around the perimeter.

Heat Retention

Foam mattresses – memory foam in particular – are notorious for retaining heat and sleeping hot. The Casper mattress was specifically designed to counter this common problem. The comfort layer of open-cell foam prevents heat retention and the increased bounce reduces heat-inducing sinkage. The vast majority of Casper customers do not report any problems with heat retention.


Off-gassing refers to the temporary smell that emanates from a mattress when it is first unboxed. Some smell can be expected from the Casper, as is normal for most foam mattresses. Customer haven’t found it to be persistent or extreme with the Casper and most report that it dissipates within a few hours.

How Do Customers Rate the Casper?
Casper.com4.4/5 (10,094 reviews)
Google Shopping4.4/5 (9,490 reviews)
Consumer Reports3.6/5 (63 reviews)
Amazon4.2/5 (964 reviews)

The Casper

What Type of Sleeper Is Well Suited to a Casper Mattress?

As we say with each and every mattress review, the right mattress for you is heavily dependent on your unique preferences, typical sleeping position, body weight and type, and any health conditions you may have. Comfort and proper spinal support are important, individual factors to consider. Take advantage of the manufacturer’s sleep trial to make sure any mattress is right for you.

With that in mind, consider this subjective customer feedback:

Side Sleepers

Sleepers who typically lay on their side gave the Casper solid marks. Both lightweight sleepers (those weighing less than 130 lbs) and average-weight sleepers (those weighing between 130-230 lbs) rated the Casper as “very good.” Heavyweight side sleepers (those weighing more than 230 lbs) rated the Casper as “good.”

Back Sleepers

Average weight back sleepers rated the Casper as “very good.” Both lightweight and heavyweight back sleepers said the Casper was “good.”

Stomach Sleepers

Both lightweight and average weight stomach sleepers rated the Casper as “good.” Heavyweight stomach sleepers said the Casper was ‘fair.”

Company Information

Customer Service: Casper has a track record of excellent customer service. Our research shows that 8 out of 10 customers had a positive experience with the company, regardless of how they felt about the mattress.

Reputation: As one of the first “bed in a box” online retailers, Casper has earned a reputation as a reputable company with solid products and quality customer service.

BBB Rating: A+

Years in Business: Casper was founded in 2013 and officially launched online in April 2014.

Corporate Headquarters: 230 Park Avenue South (Floor 13) New York, NY 10003-1547

Physical Stores: Casper operates brick and mortar stores across the country. Click here for a complete list.

Phone Number: 1-888-498-0003 (calls and texting services available on this number)

Contact Email: Use the form here.

Our Verdict

When it launched in 2014, Casper’s namesake mattress disrupted the market. Since that time, it has continued to be a leader in quality and value.

The Casper is best for those sleepers who prefer the contouring and pressure relief of memory foam, but want a cooler and more responsive surface. The Casper’s open-cell foam gives it added bounciness and makes it more suitable for sex than traditional foam mattresses, while also aiding in temperature regulation.

The Casper only comes in one firmness option, which won’t work for some sleepers. Heavier sleepers in particular might find that it does not offer enough support.

Here’s how we sum up the Casper, on a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best):


Material Quality
8.4 / 10
8.2 / 10
Temperature Regulation
7.9 / 10
8.7 / 10
Suitability for Sex
7.8 / 10
Trial period
9.2 / 10
8.6 / 10
Company Reputation
9.0 / 10
Value for the Money
8.6 / 10


- Effective motion isolation and very quiet
- Mid-level firmness suitable for all sleeping positions
- Responsive enough that it shouldn't obstruct amorous activity
- Company has relatively long-standing reputation
- Free delivery and long trial period
- Below-average price point for mattress type and quality


- Only one firmness level
- Might not suit heavier sleepers
- Weak edge support