Casper Pillow Review

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Casper is one of the pioneers in the evolution of the online mattress industry. Founded in 2014, the company quickly took off with its bed in a box mattress. Since then, Casper has earned a reputation for offering quality products and exceptional customer service.

In 2015, Casper added a pillow to its product line. The pillow is designed to accommodate any sleeping position. It is available in standard and king size. The Casper Pillow uses a unique pillow-in-pillow design. An inner pillow uses short, coated fibers and offers support. The outer pillow uses longer, silkier fibers and adds softness and comfort.

The following Casper Pillow review will provide you with detailed information on the pillow’s performance, customer ratings, and more.

Casper Pillow internal

In-depth Casper Pillow Review

The Casper Pillow offers some unique features that set it apart from other pillows on the market. Below, we’ll discuss the pillow’s performance, our verdict, and what customers think of the pillow.

Casper Pillow Construction and Firmness Options

Firmness OptionsLoftInterior MaterialsExterior Materials
Medium soft5″-6″Polyester microfiber fill100% cotton cover with a percale weave

How Does the Casper Perform?

Casper Pillow
Casper uses an advanced filling process to construct its pillows. In this process, fiber clusters are blown into the cover individually. This could lead to less clumping than similar pillows that use a microfiber fill. Since clumping can lead to a pillow becoming less comfortable over time, the Casper Pillow’s resistance to clumping may improve its overall durability and lifespan.
Firmness Options
The Casper Pillow comes in one firmness option. Casper does not label the overall firmness of the pillow, though we consider it medium soft. The pillow-in-pillow design offers both softness and support. The inner pillow is firmer and provides the support necessary for good spinal alignment. The outer pillow is softer, offering added comfort sleepers enjoy. Since you can remove the inner pillow from the outer pillow, you could also use just one of the component parts to give you more firmness options.
Off-gassing occurs when a product emits an odor after manufacturing. This is common in foam products that are compressed for shipment. Customers shouldn’t expect too much off-gassing from the Casper Pillow. The Casper Pillow uses a polyester microfiber fill, which is less prone to off-gassing than foam. However, the pillow is shipped rolled, so odors may be trapped during this process. There may be a mild odor, but it should dissipate within a few days.
Ease of Use and Cleaning
The Casper Pillow is machine washable, making it exceptionally easy to clean. Simply unzip the outer pillow, remove the inner pillow, then rezip the outer pillow to wash the two components. Use cool water, mild detergent, and your machine’s gentle cycle. Do two rinse cycles to ensure you get all the detergent out. Tumble dry on low with a dryer ball or clean tennis ball. Casper recommends washing your pillow every 3-6 months.
The Casper Pillow may weigh between four and six pounds. This is heavier than many similar pillow options due to the quality and density of the fill. While the increased weight may make the pillow more difficult to adjust during the night, it also provides a substantial, high-quality feel that many sleepers enjoy.
Conforming refers to a pillow’s ability to adapt to your shape and position, which can improve alignment. The Casper Pillow offers moderate conforming. The soft outer layer can provide the cushy feel many sleepers look for. The inner pillow is designed to be supportive while moving with you. This combination provides conforming to your shape that is superior to many other pillows with a microfiber fill. However, the microfiber fill of the Casper Pillow is not as conforming as most foam pillows.
Shape Retention
The Casper Pillow offers exceptional shape retention for a pillow that uses microfiber fill. A 2-inch gusset along the sides of the pillow helps keep the fill evenly distributed throughout. During production, each fiber cluster is blown into the cover individually, so the Casper Pillow is resistant to clumping. To help your Casper Pillow regain its shape, fluff the inner and outer pillows separately before reassembling. Frequent fluffing may be necessary.
Temperature Neutrality
The Casper Pillow sleeps cooler than many others on the market. The cover of the Casper Pillow is 100% cotton. It uses a breathable percale weave to increase airflow and promote a cooler night’s sleep. Similarly, the Casper Pillow’s microfiber fill doesn’t trap heat like foam pillows, which can provide a cooler, more comfortable pillow surface.
The Casper Pillow is fairly pliable. The microfiber fill makes it easy to bend, move, and bunch to suit your needs. The inner pillow is firmer than the outer pillow, so it may be somewhat less pliable. If you prefer a more pliable pillow, you might choose to use just the outer pillow.

Our Verdict

If you’re in the market for a new pillow, the Casper Pillow is a solid option for a wide variety of sleepers.

The Casper Pillow’s innovative pillow-in-pillow design gives you multiple sleep options. If you want a combination of softness and support, you can use the components together as intended. However, you can also deconstruct the pillow and use the two separate component parts for even more sleep options.

The Casper Pillow also offers some great features that provide comfort and durability. The 2-inch gusset can make the distribution of the fill more even than many other microfiber pillows, promoting better neck alignment. Additionally, the pillow is easy to wash, providing both convenience and hygiene.

Overall, the Casper Pillow is a strong option for a wide variety of sleep styles. The pillow can accommodate side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and sleepers who regularly change position.

  • Casper enjoys a strong reputation
  • Pillow-in-pillow design provides softness, support, and versatility
  • The pillow is easy to wash
  • Percale cover provides a cooler night’s sleep
  • 2-inch gusset promotes even distribution of fill
  • Accommodates all sleep positions
  • 100-night trial
  • Pillow should be deconstructed to fluff properly
  • May not be ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Requires frequent fluffing
  • Only one firmness option
  • Limited size options
  • High cost may be prohibitive for some buyers

How Do Customers Rate the Casper Pillow?

Casper.com4/5 (6,538 reviews)
Amazon4/5 (111 reviews)
Google Shopping4.1/5 (452 reviews)
Consumer ReportsN/A

What to Know Before You Buy the Casper Pillow

Before purchasing your Casper Pillow, you may want to know more about exactly what you’re getting for your money. Read on to learn more about pillow sizes and pricing, construction and firmness, who the pillow is well suited for, trial and warranty information, and deals and bundles.

Standard18” x 26”5″-6″$65
King18.5” x 34”5″-6″$85

What Type of Sleeper is Well-Suited to a Casper Pillow?

Side Sleepers: Neck alignment can be a big concern for side sleepers. The Casper Pillow can offer good support that encourages proper alignment. The 2-inch gusset supports better alignment for side sleepers. Plus, the short, coated fibers in the inner pillow provide extra support and prevent your head from sinking in too deeply. If your loft preferences vary from night to night, the Casper Pillow can also be bunched up to accommodate changing preferences.

Back Sleepers: The Casper Pillow can provide the support back sleepers need for quality rest. Back sleepers often benefit from greater loft that lifts up the head. This can reduce snoring and support the head and neck. The Casper Pillow’s firm inner pillow can prevent back sleepers from sinking in too deeply, comfortably lifting the head. Meanwhile, the soft outer pillow can conform to the sleeper, alleviating pain and pressure points.

Stomach Sleepers: While the Casper Pillow is better for side and back sleepers than it is for stomach sleepers, it also provides decent support for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers benefit from a loft that is neither too thin nor too thick to promote better alignment. They also often require softer pillows for greater comfort. Since the Casper Pillow features two pillows in one, it can provide greater flexibility to meet a stomach sleeper’s needs. If the combined pillow has too much loft or is too firm, stomach sleepers might find one of the component parts more comfortable.

Under 130 lbs130-230 lbsAbove 230
Side SleepersVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
Back SleepersVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
Stomach SleepersGoodGoodGood

Casper Pillow Deals and Bundles

Deals and bundles can be a great way to save money while improving your sleep space. While Casper periodically offers promotions, there aren’t currently deals on pillows. However, you might consider checking back periodically to watch for new promotions.

Casper Delivery, Trial, and Warranty Information

Delivery: Casper offers free shipping via UPS in the 48 contiguous United States and much of Canada. However, shipping fees apply if you order from Hawaii, Alaska, or the Canadian Territories of Yukon, Northwest, or Nunavut.

The Casper Pillow is shipped rolled in a box. Casper usually ships purchases within one to two business days. You can select during checkout whether or not you want to sign for your purchase when it arrives at your door.

Returns: Casper offers free return shipping, and returning your pillow is easy. Print a prepaid shipping label, place the label on the box, and bring the box to a UPS facility to send your pillow back.

Sleep Trial: If you purchase your Casper Pillow directly through Casper, you can enjoy a 100-night sleep trial. If you don’t want to keep your pillow at the end of the trial, return it for a full refund. Casper offers free return shipping and prepaid shipping labels to make the process easy.

Warranty: The Casper Pillow comes with a three-year limited warranty that protects against defects in workmanship or materials. This warranty is valid whether you purchase the pillow directly from Casper or through an authorized retailer.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage, or change in comfort preference. If you purchase from a seller who is not authorized, the warranty will not apply.

Company Information

Customer Service: Owners usually report positive experiences with Casper’s customer service. However, as with most companies, there are incidental reports of problems with customer service.

Reputation: Casper enjoys a strong reputation as one of the pioneers of bed in a box mattresses.

BBB Rating: A+

Years in Business: 5

Physical Stores: There are brick-and-mortar Casper stores in the following cities: New York, NY; White Plains, NY; Huntington Station, NY; Short Hills, NJ; Edison, NJ; King of Prussia, PA; Newark, DE; Dedham, MA; Bloomington, MN; Oak Brook, IL; Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; West Palm Beach, FL; Austin, TX; Houston, TX; Southlake, TX; Bellevue, WA; Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; Mission Viejo, CA; Costa Mesa, CA; Torrance, CA; Canoga Park, CA. Use the Casper store locator to find the brick-and-mortar store nearest to you.

Contact Information[email protected], 1-888-498-0003,