Can Acupuncture Help You Sleep?

woman getting accupuncture

Up to 35% of Americans struggle with insomnia, and for many of them, effective treatment can be hard to come by. Often patients with insomnia want to reduce their symptoms while avoiding medications that can be costly and have side effects. Acupuncture, a type of therapy that is based in traditional Chinese medicine, offers a…

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How to Sleep While Camping

tent at night

Camping is a fun way to enjoy nature, but trouble sleeping sometimes accompanies it. When you’re camping, you’re not only away from your home routine, you’re in a totally different environment: the great outdoors. When tent camping, the luxuries that are part of normal, everyday life are suddenly gone. You’re cut off from the electricity…

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Can Hypnotism Help You Sleep?

woman with headphones

Of the many types of mind-body medicine, few are as misunderstood as hypnosis. Because of the unfavorable ways that it has frequently been portrayed in movies and TV, many people have preconceived notions about hypnotism. The truth is that hypnotism has demonstrated medical benefits and can unlock the power of the mind to improve both…

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How Do Fish Sleep?

How do fish sleep?

If you’ve seen the hit movie Finding Nemo, you’ve heard the phrase “just keep swimming.” This may have got you wondering: do fish ever take a break and just sleep? If so, what are the logistics of sleep for fish? How do they actually relax and sleep while underwater? Since most fish don’t have eyelids,…

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Sleeping With Pets

dogs sleeping in bed

Whether they are brought into bed or just invite themselves in, pets frequently sleep in the same bed as their owners. Surveys have estimated that as many as 62% of cat and dog owners share their bed with their pets. Given the close bond that can develop with a pet, for many pet owners, co-sleeping…

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How to Organize Your Bedroom

There’s no place like home: a place where you can relax, rest, and be yourself. A vital part of that equation is your bedroom, and it should be calm and inviting to help you get the best sleep possible. Unfortunately, the chaos of daily life can creep into the bedroom, and furniture and closets can…

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Why Do People Yawn?

why do people yawn

One of the most recognizable and universal human actions is the yawn. If you’ve been staring too long at your computer screen or if you just didn’t get enough sleep last night, you may be inclined to open your mouth wide, stretch out your arms, and yawn. It happens so much that we generally don’t…

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Does CBT-I Really Work?

Does CBT-I Really Work?

Anyone who has experienced insomnia knows that it is a frustrating and challenging condition. Not only does it drain your daytime energy, but it makes going to bed, which should be restful, an upsetting and irritating experience. With the internet littered with supposed remedies for insomnia, people who struggle with this issue rightfully want to…

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Magnesium Supplements for Sleep

Magnesium Supplement for Sleep

If you’ve struggled with insomnia or other sleeping problems, you’ve likely discovered that there’s a huge range of types of pills and supplements that are touted to help. Magnesium, which is a type of essential mineral, has recently received more focus for its potential to perhaps assist in improving sleep quality and quantity. In this…

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Can Sleep Deprivation Cause Hair Loss?

Can Sleep Deprivation Affect Hair Loss?

It’s normal to put a lot of thought into one’s hair style, so when hair starts to thin, recede, or fall out, it can be extremely worrisome. While there isn’t one single cause of hair loss, there is reason to believe that getting better sleep can help reduce it. In this article, we’ll review the…

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