Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow Review

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Coop Home Goods is a specialty sleep product manufacturer that currently sells America’s #1 pillow. They offer a range of pillow options, including popular options like the Original and the Eden. In this article, we will focus on the luxury Eden Pillow.

Coop Home Goods has been in business since 2013. The company manufactures several best-selling products that have earned excellent reviews from customers. Coop Home Goods sells exclusively, allowing them to keep prices low. Shipping is completely free, and customers will have a 100-night sleep trial to try the pillow out in their own home. Coop products are also available on Amazon.

Coop Home Goods offers a unique pillow buying experience. Their website hosts a “Find My Pillow” tool that uses information about your sleep preferences to recommend a specific product. This is useful for anyone who is unsure of the style of pillow that may work best for them.

One of the most popular options from Coop is the Eden Pillow. This luxury model offers the perfect blend of softness, support, and breathability. It’s filled with a blend of microfibers and gel-infused shredded memory foam. It’s also adjustable, as you can remove or add filling to reach your preferred fit.

Keep reading our full Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow review for more information on this best-selling product.

Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow

In-depth Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow Review

Eden Pillow Construction and Firmness Options

Firmness OptionsLoftInterior MaterialsExterior Materials
Medium soft6″ when new – adjustableShredded gel-infused memory foam, polyester microfibersCover: polyester (60%) and bamboo-derived rayon (40%)

Liner: 100% polyester

How Does the Eden Perform?

Quality pillows will generally last around two to three years before they should be replaced. The quality of the materials – and particularly the cover and fill material – are the most important factors. The Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow uses very high-quality materials. Users of the Eden report the pillow lasting for around three years of regular use. Additionally, the Eden Pillow is machine washable. Both the cover and the pillow itself can be washed. This helps to keep the pillow clean, which could potentially improve its lifespan. Since many pillows cannot be washed, this factor is a significant perk of the Eden Pillow. With that said, excessive washing can also degrade the pillow over time. Coop Home Goods recommends washing the Eden Pillow no more than once a year.
Firmness Options
The Eden Pillow is rated as a “medium soft”. There is only one firmness option available. However, you can add or remove filling from the pillow easily, allowing you to adjust it to your preferred firmness and loft. This also means that the Eden Pillow can suit a wide variety of people. Whether you like thick, lofty pillows or thinner options, the Eden is well worth considering.
Most sleep products will have a period of “off-gassing”. This term refers to a period of 1-3 days when the product will emit some mild odors. The odors are harmless, but most manufacturers recommend allowing the product to air out for a few days before use. Since the Eden Pillow is made with memory foam, some off-gassing is to be expected. In fact, several Eden Pillow reviews from customers have mentioned that off-gassing lasted for longer than the expected 1-3 days. This is one area where the Eden Pillow scores low marks.
Ease of Use and Ease of Cleaning
The Eden Pillow is easy to clean, as all components are machine-washable. The cover can be removed and machine washed in cold water on the delicate cycle. It can be tumble dried on the low setting. The pillow itself can also be machine washed. Ensure the zipper is fully closed, and secure it with a safety pin. Wash on the delicate cycle, in cold water. Tumble dry low, and only dry one pillow at a time. To ensure your pillow lasts a long time, it’s recommended to wash it only once per year.
The Eden Pillow is somewhat heavier than the average pillow. However, it is still fairly light and easy to move around for most people.
Conforming is a measure of how closely a pillow responds to the shape of the sleeper’s shoulders, head, and neck. It plays a role in pain relief and comfort, and is particularly important for the spinal alignment of side sleepers. The Eden Pillow scores well in conforming tests. The materials have just the right amount of give to respond to the shape of the sleeper’s body. This results in a more comfortable sleep, improved spinal alignment, and reduced discomfort.
Shape Retention
Some pillows can flatten out or become lumpy, while others hold their shape well. This is called shape retention, and it’s an important factor when choosing a pillow. The Eden Pillow does a good job of maintaining its shape. The material used in the Eden – shredded memory foam fill – typically performs well. Additionally, it’s easy to remove and replace the filling of the Eden Pillow, allowing for further adjustment.
Temperature Neutrality
Temperature neutrality refers to a pillow’s ability to remain at a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night. In most cases, this means not getting too warm for comfort. Material composition, airflow, and other factors can all affect temperature regulation. The Eden Pillow has good temperature neutrality ratings. It uses a blend of gel-infused memory foam, which cools better than traditional foams. The foam pieces are also cross-cut, which improves airflow. Even so, some reviewers have mentioned issues with excessive heat during warm weather.
Pliability refers to how squeezable and soft a pillow feels. Some people just prefer a more pliable pillow, while some side-sleepers may like to sleep with a soft pillow between their knees. The Eden Pillow is very pliable. It is suitable for people who like to place a pillow between their knees, and anyone who prefers a more moldable feel.

Our Verdict

The Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow is a great option for a wide variety of sleepers. It’s plush, supportive and comfortable. The fact that it’s adjustable makes it easy to tweak the fill level to your exact preferences. It’s also easy to clean, as all components can be machine-washed and dried. Plus, Coop Home Goods offers a 100-night at-home sleep trial, so you will have more than 3 months to test out the pillow at home. If it doesn’t work out, send it back for a full refund.

On the other hand, there are two noteworthy downsides to consider. For one, this pillow has more odor/off-gassing than most comparable products. It’s best to let it air out for several days before sleeping on it. And second, some sleepers experienced excessive warmth with this pillow, particularly on hot nights.

  • Adjustable – simply add or remove filling to suit your comfort preferences
  • Machine-washable – all components can be washed and dried
  • Good shape retention – the Eden holds up well over time and maintains its shape
  • Good durability – the Eden Pillow should last 3+ years if cared for properly
  • Affordable luxury – the Eden is a luxury pillow that’s sold at a reasonable price
  • Off-gassing – the Eden Pillow has a high potential for odor when it is new
  • Warmth – in hot climates, the Eden can sleep warm
  • Cost – the Eden is a luxury pillow and costs quite a bit more than average

How Do Customers Rate the Eden Pillow?

CoopHomeGoods.com4.8/5 (849 reviews)
Amazon4.4/5 (1,579 reviews)
Google Shopping5/5 (9 reviews)
Consumer ReportsN/A

What to Know Before You Buy the Eden Pillow

If you’ve read our Eden Pillow review, you know the basics about the construction, feel and performance of this pillow. However, there are some other things to know about the product, including size and firmness options.

Standard20” x 26”6″ when new – adjustable$69.99
Queen20″ x 30″6″ when new – adjustable$79.99
King20″ x 36″6″ when new – adjustable$89.99

What Type of Sleeper is Well-Suited to a Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow?

Side Sleepers: The Eden Pillow is a very good choice for side sleepers. It offers excellent conforming, which helps the pillow closely hug the neck and shoulders. This improves spinal alignment while significantly improving comfort. The Eden is also sufficiently lofty for most side sleepers, and it’s easy to adjust. Many competing pillows are simply not thick enough to accommodate side sleepers, but the Eden is on the thicker side and well suited to those who like to sleep on their sides.

Back Sleepers: The Eden Pillow is a good fit for back sleepers. It offers good support, excellent conforming and a comfortable feel. Out of the box, some people may find that the Eden Pillow is too thick for comfortable back sleeping. Fortunately, you can easily remove some filling to adjust the loft to your preferences.

Stomach Sleepers: The Eden Pillow may be suited to some stomach sleepers, but it may not be the best fit. Stomach sleepers generally prefer thin pillows, and the Eden is on the thicker side. You can simply remove filling to reach your preferred thickness, but there are better options for stomach sleepers.

Under 130 lbs130-230 lbsAbove 230
Side SleepersVery GoodVery GoodGood
Back SleepersVery GoodVery GoodGood
Stomach SleepersGoodGoodFair

Coop Home Goods Pillow Deals and Bundles

Coop Home Goods occasionally offers bundle deals on their pillows. These sales change frequently and are usually only available for a limited time.

Coop Home Goods Delivery, Trial, and Warranty Information

Delivery: Delivery is free within the 48 contiguous United States. Coop Home Goods ships to all US States, and select international destinations. International shipping charges may apply. Additionally, residents of Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other U.S. Territories may be subject to additional shipping fees.

Orders are typically processed within 1 business day, and shipping takes 2 to 5 business days. Expedited shipping options are also available.

Returns: There is a 100-day return policy. If you are not satisfied with the pillow within the first 100 days, contact Coop to receive a prepaid return shipping label. Ship the pillow back, and a refund will be issued within 2 business days. Lightly used returned pillows are donated to local charities.

Sleep Trial: The Eden Pillow comes with a 100-night sleep trial. This means that you can try the Eden at home for up to 100 nights. If you’re not satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. There are no return shipping costs.

Warranty: The Eden Pillow has a 5-year warranty. This covers material damage to the pillow due to a manufacturer defect or during routine use. It does not cover damage caused by improper use.

Additionally, pillow protectors (sold separately) come with a 15-year warranty.

Company Information

Customer Service: The customer service team at Coop Home Goods is professional and friendly. On average, 8 out of 10 customers report having a positive experience with this company.

Reputation: Coop Home Goods has a good reputation among customers and industry experts. They offer quality products and a generous return policy.

BBB Rating: The Better Business Bureau has not yet rated Coop Home Goods.

Years in Business: Coop Home Goods was established in 2013.

Physical Stores: Coop Home Goods is an online-only retailer. They do not operate any physical stores or showrooms.

Contact Information: Coop Home Goods can be reached at 1-888-316-1886 or by emailing [email protected]