Cosy House Sheets Review

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Founded in 2014, Cosy House has committed themselves to providing quality sheets to consumers at a lower cost by removing excess “middle men” from the importation and sales process. This allows them to decrease the mark-ups that are sometimes added to the price of other bedding.

Cosy House has four lines of sheets that are all sold in sets with the option to purchase additional pillowcases. The 1500 Series and the 1800 Elegant Pattern Series are made from 100% double-brushed microfiber, and the Luxury Bamboo and Premium Bamboo sheets are made from blends of bamboo rayon and microfiber. Each set is available in a wide variety of sizes and design options, giving you plenty of choices to personalize your bed. In addition to sheets, Cosy House sells a variety of other bedding products, so you can get duvet covers and bed skirts to match your purchase.

To decide if Cosy House sheets are right for you, continue reading for our full review.

Cosy House Sheets Quick Overview

  1. Three material types to choose from, including plush microfiber and bamboo rayon
  2. All sheets come with a lifetime warranty
  3. Abundant color and pattern options available
  1. Some sheets are thinner and can have durability issues, especially at the corners
  2. May have fit problems with staying on thinner mattresses
  3. Manufacturing location unknown

In-depth Cosy House Sheets Review

Sizing and Pricing

To compare sizes and pricing on a company website can take a lot of clicking around. To make your life easier, the following tables put it all in one place. There are a few exceptions to the information below. For the 1500 Series, the patterned fitted sheets have a depth of 14”. For the 1800 Elegant Pattern Series, the Twin set comes with 2 pillowcases, and the rest come with 4 pillowcases.

Flat SheetFitted SheetPillowcases Included
Twin70″ x 96″75” x 39” x 16”20” x 30” (1 included)
Twin XL102” x 66” 80” x 39” x 16”20” x 30” (1 included)
Full96” x 81”75” x 54” x 16”20” x 30” (2 included)
Queen102” x 90”80” x 60” x 16”20” x 30” (2 included)
King105” x 102”80” x 78” x 16”20” x 40” (2 included)
California King108” x 102”72” x 84” x 16”20” x 40” (2 included)

The prices in this table are for a set of Cosy House Sheets, which includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and one, two, or four pillowcases as we have listed above. If you like extra pillows on your bed, Cosy House makes it easy to purchase two extra pillowcases for their 1500 Series, Luxury Bamboo, and Premium Bamboo sheets. Extra pillowcases are not available for the 1800 Elegant Pattern Series.

Prices for a set of 2 extra pillowcases are listed below:

  • 1500 Series: $18.95 (Twin, Twin XL, Full, and Queen); $19.95 (King and California King)
  • Luxury Bamboo: $23.95 (Twin, Full, and Queen); $24.95 (Twin XL, King, and California King)
  • Premium Bamboo: $21.95 (Twin, Twin XL, Full, and Queen); $22.95 (King and California King)
Flat SheetFitted SheetPillowcaseSet

Luxury Suite: $59.99 Comfort Washed: $59.99 Easy Care: N/A

Luxury Suite: $69.99 Comfort Washed: $69.99 Easy Care: $69.99

Luxury Suite: $49.99 Comfort Washed: $49.99 Easy Care: $44.99

Luxury Suite: $129.99 Comfort Washed: $129.99 Easy Care: N/A

Twin XLN/A

Luxury Suite: $69.99 Comfort Washed: $69.99 Easy Care: $69.99

Luxury Suite: $49.99 Comfort Washed: $49.99 Easy Care: $44.99


Luxury Suite: $64.99 Comfort Washed: $64.99 Easy Care: $64.99

Luxury Suite: $74.99 Comfort Washed: $74.99 Easy Care: $74.99

Luxury Suite: $49.99 Comfort Washed: $49.99 Easy Care: $44.99

Luxury Suite: $139.99 Comfort Washed: $139.99 Easy Care: $119.99


Luxury Suite: $69.99 Comfort Washed: $69.99 Easy Care: $69.99

Luxury Suite: $79.99 Comfort Washed: $79.99 Easy Care: $79.99

Luxury Suite: $49.99 Comfort Washed: $49.99 Easy Care: $44.99

Luxury Suite: $149.99 Comfort Washed: $149.99 Easy Care: $129.99


Luxury Suite: $79.99 Comfort Washed: $79.99 Easy Care: $79.99

Luxury Suite: $89.99 Comfort Washed: $89.99 Easy Care: $89.99

Luxury Suite: $59.99 Comfort Washed: $59.99 Easy Care: $54.99

Luxury Suite: $169.99 Comfort Washed: $169.99 Easy Care: $139.99

California KingN/A

Luxury Suite: $89.99 Comfort Washed: $89.99 Easy Care: $89.99

Luxury Suite: $59.99 Comfort Washed: $59.99 Easy Care: $54.99

Luxury Suite: $169.99 Comfort Washed: $169.99 Easy Care: $139.99

Materials and Construction

  • 1500 Series: The 1500 Series sheet set is made with 100% microfiber. Microfiber, named for its fibers that are one-fifth the thickness of a human hair, is known for its softness, and these sheets are very plush. Additionally, the microfiber that Cosy House uses is double-brushed which means that the synthetic polyester fibers are brushed on both sides to cultivate an even smoother and more supple feel. Sleepers who prefer to snuggle into a cozy bed will appreciate these sheets. However, microfiber has a tendency to retain heat and has less airflow, so these may not be ideal for those who sleep hot. These sheets are on the thinner side and some customers have experienced tears, especially after several washings.
  • Luxury Bamboo: Cosy House’s Luxury Bamboo sheets are made from a blend of 60% bamboo rayon and 40% polyester microfiber. Rayon is a manufactured fiber made from plant matter, in this case organic bamboo. The rayon makes these sheets smooth, silky, and soft, while the microfiber gives them a touch of plushness. Sleepers who tend to sleep hot may prefer these sheets because the bamboo helps with temperature regulation as it is breathable, lightweight, and wicks moisture away from the body. These are Cosy House’s thickest sheets, and the tight knit of the fabric adds durability.
  • Premium Bamboo: The Premium Bamboo sheets are made with the same materials as the Luxury Bamboo sheets, but these are 40% bamboo rayon and 60% polyester microfiber. Because the composition is similar, these sheets have many of the same benefits as the Luxury Bamboo. They are soft and sleek but with a cozier feel thanks to the higher percentage of microfiber. However, this amount of microfiber also means that these sheets are not as good at temperature regulation as the Luxury Bamboo although, they are more breathable than the 100% microfiber 1500 Series and 1800 Elegant Pattern Series.
  • 1800 Elegant Pattern Series: The 1800 Elegant Pattern Series has the same composition as the 1500 Series. The difference between them is in the design details and the items included in the sets.

Cosy House Sheet Design Options

Whether it is a fun pattern or a color that matches a bedroom, sometimes what draws us to a particular set of sheets is their design. Since knowing what options are available is important, we have created the following table as a guide. Not all patterns come in every color, so when patterns are available, we have indicated what colors are available for each.

Sheet Set Design Options
1500 SeriesSolids: White, Silver, Cream, Chocolate, Black, Grey, Taupe, Gold, Burnt Orange, Lavender, Purple, Fuchsia, Burgundy, Brink Pink, Turquoise, Baby Blue, Navy Blue, Peacock Blue, Royal Blue, Sage Green, Lime Green, Olive Green, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Orange, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green Chevron: Purple Window Panes: White
Luxury Bamboo Solids: White, Black, Silver, Chocolate, Cream, Tan, Grey, Purple, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Sage Green, Turquoise, Dark Teal
Premium BambooSolids: White, Cream, Taupe, Grey, Light Grey, Black, Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Burgundy, Purple, Lavender, Chocolate, Dark Teal, Sage Green
1800 Elegant Pattern SeriesDots: Black, Ivory, Yellow, Gold, Light Blue, Burgundy, Pink Squares: Taupe, Tan, Grey, Silver, Navy Blue Wavy: Peach, Dark Teal

Cleaning and Care for Cosy House Sheets

All of the Cosy House sheet sets are intended to be easy to care for. They are machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle with like colors and can be either air dried or tumble dried on low heat. To avoid weakening the fibers in the sheets, chlorine bleach should not be used, and the sheets should not be dry cleaned. The sheets should not be ironed, but ironing is not necessary because Cosy House’s sheets are generally wrinkle-resistant. Though there have been reports of some of the sheets being prone to wearing out, the lifetime warranty will provide replacements if any bedding shows premature wear.

Company Information

Customer Service: Most customers report prompt answers and appropriate responses by Cosy House to reported issues.

Reputation: Cosy House has built their business on lowering costs by removing “middle men” from the supply chain and importing products themselves to sell direct to consumers.

BBB Rating: Cosy House has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Years in Business: Cosy House, Inc. was founded in 2014.

Physical Stores: Cosy House does not have any physical stores. Their products are only available online.

Contact Information: [email protected], 1-877-219-3985,

SHIPPING INFORMATION Cosy House only ships to the United States at this time. There are three shipping speeds: Standard (5-7 business days), Expedited (2-3 business days), and Priority (1-2 business days). Shipping ranges from $6.95 to $14.95, but there are discounts on orders over $50, including free Standard shipping.
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