Hullo Pillow Review

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Founded in 2013 by three friends, Hulltex is an American pillow company that specializes in natural buckwheat pillows. They used their personal experience with buckwheat pillows to create a comfortable and supportive pillow. The Hullo pillow is their original product. They have since expanded their product line to include a bolster pillow and a floor pillow. They also sell loose buckwheat hulls to fill pillows. All of their materials are made in the United States, with a focus on all-natural and sustainable products and construction.

Historically, buckwheat pillows are commonly used throughout Asia and are known to be supportive and breathable. The original Hullo Pillow is an all-natural pillow filled with buckwheat hulls that are grown and milled in the United States without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. The organic cotton twill cover features a high-quality zipper. The loft of the pillow is adjustable, as the pillow can be unzipped to remove or add hull filling. The buckwheat hulls can last for years and do not need to be cleaned. The filling can be removed in order to wash the cotton twill cover. As the hulls flatten or lose elasticity over time, the durable cover can be refilled with new buckwheat hulls. Read on for additional information and our full review of the Hullo original pillow.

Hullo pillow featured

In-depth Hullo Pillow Review

Hullo Pillow Construction and Firmness Options

Firmness OptionsLoftInterior MaterialsExterior Materials
Firm; adjustableAdjustableBuckwheat hulls sourced from the United States100% cotton twill case with high-quality Dunlap auto-locking hidden zipper

How Does the Hullo Pillow Perform?

Hullo Pillow



On average, traditional pillows last 2 to 3 years. Buckwheat pillows are more durable, as the filling does not degrade as quickly as synthetic materials. The Hullo Pillow is designed with durability in mind. The organic cotton twill cover features a durable Dunlap auto-locking zipper. Buckwheat hulls will flatten over time, meaning the pillow will eventually not hold its shape as well or provide the same support as a new buckwheat pillow would. However, they will hold their shape longer than the average pillow’s 2 to 3-year lifespan. The Hullo Pillow has a quality cotton twill cover that can withstand washing. When the buckwheat filling needs to be replaced after several years, Hullo sells buckwheat filling separately so that you can refill the pillow and extend its lifespan. If taken care of properly, the Hullo pillow is designed to last a long time.

Firmness Options

The Hullo Pillow is considered firm. The firmness of the Hullo pillow is designed to support your head and neck. There is a hidden Dunlap zipper that can be unzipped to remove or add buckwheat hull filling. When filling is removed, there is more room for the buckwheat hulls to move around, which provides a softer feel and lower loft. When the pillow is full, it has a higher loft and a firm feel. The Hullo Pillow is shipped fully stuffed so that you can adjust the fill to your preference. However, some sleepers may find that the Hullo Pillow is too firm, even with filling removed. The buckwheat hulls are not soft and fluffy like a down pillow, though the pillow can be fluffed and shaped for a softer feel. It can take some adjustment to get used to sleeping on a buckwheat pillow.


Off-gassing is the result of chemicals used in synthetic materials dissipating. As the Hullo Pillow is filled with all-natural buckwheat hulls that are not treated with chemicals or harsh pesticides, there is no chemical off-gassing smell associated with the pillow. The cotton twill cover is organic. Though some users have noted that there is an initial odor to the Hullo buckwheat pillow from the natural filling, the strength of this smell dissipates. This odor is different from the chemical smell associated with synthetic foam pillows.

Ease of Care

The Hullo Pillow is easy to customize by adding or removing buckwheat hull filling. The Hullo Pillow requires minimal maintenance. The filling does not need to be cleaned. In order to clean the organic cotton cover, the filling must be removed and stored in a dry place. The pillow cover can be machine washed in cool water and air-dried. Ensure the pillow cover is completely dry before adding the buckwheat hull filling back into the case. If the buckwheat hull filling gets wet, spread the hulls out in a well-ventilated area to fully dry. In the event the buckwheat hulls are soiled, replacement filling can be purchased. To keep the cotton cover clean and extend the time between washes, be sure to use a pillowcase.


Buckwheat pillows are noticeably heavy compared to most pillow styles. The Hullo Pillow is available in three sizes: Small, Standard, and King. The small size weighs 4 pounds; the standard size weighs 8.5 pounds; and the king size weighs 13.5 pounds. The heavier a pillow is, the more difficult it is to adjust or flip throughout the night as needed. Traditional pillows and those with down or synthetic filling tend to be much lighter and easier to move in comparison.


Though the Hullo Pillow is firm, the individual buckwheat hulls are small and adapt easily to pressure. The malleability of the filling allows the Hullo Pillow to conform to the shape of your head and neck, providing support and spinal alignment. The pillow provides ergonomic support that can be adjusted to your personal preference by adding or removing buckwheat hull filling. For added support, Hullo recommends fluffing the pillow beforehand, so that the bulk of the buckwheat hulls are in the center of the pillow. When you rest your head and neck on the center of the pillow, you will sink into the buckwheat hulls as they respond to the shape of your head and neck.

Shape Retention

The Hullo Pillow is filled with thousands of small buckwheat hulls, which connect to each other and retain the shape of the pillow. The filling provides comfortable support for your neck and head while keeping the shape of the pillow with evenly distributed buckwheat hulls. The Hullo Pillow is fully stuffed, though filling can be added and removed to adjust the loft and pliability of the pillow. The nature of the buckwheat hulls allows the pillow to keep its shape regardless of how full the pillow is, though filling and fluffing the pillow provides additional support. Over time, the hulls can begin to flatten and lose their shape and volume, and they may need to be replaced. Buckwheat pillows keep their shape, unlike down-filled pillows that compress with weight.

Temperature Neutrality

Increased airflow and breathable materials allow for temperature regulation that keeps the pillow cool and comfortable. The Hullo Pillow’s buckwheat filling promotes airflow and circulation due to the nature of the buckwheat hulls. Buckwheat hulls are open and do not absorb heat or retain moisture. The organic cotton twill cover is lightweight and breathable, which improves airflow through the pillow. The added circulation from the shape of the shells also promotes a cooler environment and temperature regulation. However, lower quality hulls that are crushed, or older buckwheat hulls that have flattened over time, will not have the same air circulation as a new Hullo Pillow.


While the Hullo Pillow holds its shape and is easy to squeeze and mold into your preferred shape, it is heavier than traditionally filled pillows. Because of its weight, it does not feel as pliable and flexible as a down-filled pillow when completely full. When some of the buckwheat hull filling is removed, the pillow is lower in loft and more pliable.

Our Verdict

The Hullo Buckwheat Pillow is a unique pillow designed with durability and support in mind. The all-natural materials are suitable for those looking for a vegan pillow. Hullo is also mindful of sustainable and ecological practices, and sources all of their materials from the United States. The quality of the buckwheat hulls used in their filling ensures that the pillow is conforming and supportive for your head and neck. The organic cotton twill cover can be washed and features a durable hidden zipper to allow you to adjust the amount of filling and loft of the pillow. These details extend the lifespan of the Hullo Pillow.

While buckwheat hulls are a natural, supportive choice for pillow filling, some users may find the rustling noise to be distracting. The firmness of the Hullo pillow can be adjusted by adding and removing buckwheat hulls, though stomach sleepers may find the pillow too firm. Side and back sleepers will feel supported by the conforming nature and firmness of the Hullo Buckwheat Pillow. The temperature regulation of the open buckwheat hulls keeps the pillow cool and comfortable. It can take some time to adjust to the different feel and weight of a buckwheat pillow, especially when switching from a cotton or down-filled pillow. But overall, the Hullo Pillow is a good choice for those who want a pillow with firm support, adjustable loft, and a natural composition. Get the sleep you deserve with a Hullo pillow

  • Open buckwheat hulls improve air circulation and provide temperature regulation.
  • The firmness and conforming nature support the neck and head and keep the spine aligned.
  • The hidden zipper opening allows filling to be added or removed to adjust the loft of the pillow.
  • The durability of the organic cotton cover, Dunlap zipper, and buckwheat hulls allows the Hullo Pillow to last longer than traditional pillows.
  • The all-natural materials do not have heavy chemicals or pesticides and comply with a vegan lifestyle.
  • The buckwheat hulls make a rustling sound as they move around, and may be too noisy for restless or light sleepers.
  • The firmness of the Hullo Pillow may not be comfortable for stomach sleepers.
  • The Hullo Pillow is heavier than most pillows.
  • The buckwheat hulls have a distinct, natural smell.
  • The filling cannot be washed and would need to be replaced if soiled.

How Do Customers Rate the Hullo Pillow?

4.5/5 (214 reviews)

84% would recommend the Hullo Pillow.
Amazon4.2/5 (45 reviews)
Google ShoppingN/A
Consumer ReportsN/A

What to Know Before You Buy the Hullo Pillow

There are many factors to take into account before purchasing a pillow, especially one as pricey as a buckwheat hull pillow. Read on to learn more about what to expect when you purchase a Hullo pillow.

Small14” x 20”Customizable$59
Standard20” x 26”Customizable$99
King20” x 36”Customizable$159

What Type of Sleeper is Well-Suited to a Hullo Pillow?

Side Sleepers: When sleeping on your side, is important that your head and neck are supported and aligned with your spine. A higher loft keeps your head level. The loft of the Hullo Pillow is adjustable for a customized feel, and a fuller Hullo Pillow should keep your head and neck level with your spine. The malleability of the pillow allows for the filling to be shaped to fit in the space under your neck. The buckwheat hull filling also conforms to your head and neck, providing ergonomic support while you sleep.

Back Sleepers: For back sleepers, it is important that the loft of the pillow is a comfortable level. If a pillow is too full, it cranes the head and neck forward. If a pillow is too low, the head is tipped back and not fully supported. The adjustable loft of the Hullo pillow allows for customized support to find the perfect level to keep your head and neck supported and your spine aligned. Since the buckwheat hull filling keeps its shape, it has a full and supportive feeling for your head and neck throughout the night.

Stomach Sleepers: Stomach sleepers typically prefer a soft pillow with a lower loft, as they turn their head to the side. This prevents the head and neck from being held at an uncomfortable angle. Though the Hullo Pillow has an adjustable loft, it can feel too firm for stomach sleepers, even with filling removed. However, stomach sleepers may enjoy the breathable nature of the Hullo Pillow and its organic cotton twill cover.

Under 130 lbs130-230 lbsAbove 230
Side SleepersGoodVery GoodVery Good
Back SleepersGoodVery GoodVery Good
Stomach SleepersFairFairFair

Hullo Pillow Deals and Bundles

Hullo does not currently offer any special deals or promotions on their products. You can sign up for their email list for special offers and updates.

Hullo Delivery, Trial, and Warranty Information

Delivery: Hullo ships in-stock orders the same or next business day within the United States. It offers free UPS ground shipping for orders in the contiguous United States. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is available for an additional charge. Hullo does not currently ship internationally.

Returns: The Hullo Pillow has a 60-night trial with a money-back guarantee. The pillow can be returned within that time frame for a refund. The pillow must be returned in a reasonable condition to be eligible for a refund. The purchaser is responsible for return shipping costs. Returns can be set up via email.

Sleep Trial: Hullo guarantees you will love their pillow and backs it with a 60-night sleep trial and money-back guarantee. If for any reason you decide you do not like the Hullo Buckwheat Pillow, you can return it for a refund.

Warranty: Hullo does not provide a warranty for its pillows beyond the 60-night sleep trial.

Company Information

Customer Service: Hulltex customer service is quick to respond, and multiple reviews have shown that they work with the customer to reach a resolution when needed. 84% of reviewers would recommend Hullo to a friend, even if they ended up returning the Hullo pillow.

Reputation: Hulltex only produces buckwheat pillows, and has built its reputation with a focus on sourcing organic and natural materials from the United States. Its products are known for quality and durability.

BBB Rating: The Better Business Bureau has given Hulltex an A- rating, based on the length of time it has been operating. Hulltex is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Years in Business: Hulltex was founded in 2013 and focuses on producing quality buckwheat pillows.

Physical Stores: Hulltex does not have any brick-and-mortar stores. The Hullo Pillow can be purchased directly from its website, or from Amazon.

Contact Information: Hulltex can be reached by email at [email protected], or by phone at 877-334-8556. You can also fill out a contact form on their website for a response.