4th of July Mattress Sales

Fireworks and barbecues may first come to mind when you picture the 4th of July, but there’s more than one way to celebrate Independence Day. Unbeknownst to many, this holiday is a major sales event for mattress companies.

Mattress companies like to host sales around major holidays, but summer holidays are limited. This puts a heightened emphasis on July 4th for sales events. In addition, most mattress companies roll out new models early in the summer. If sales are slow, they may use July 4th to help promote new models or to sell off the last of old models at low prices.

These promotions and discounts can be found both online and in-store; in fact, the competition between the two can lead to even bigger price breaks and opportunities to find huge values.

In most cases, 4th of July discounts extend beyond the actual holiday. This is especially true since most brick-and-mortar stores are closed on July 4th itself. This year, the 4th of July takes place on a Thursday, which means that many sales will be offered through the entire weekend.

The Very Best 4th of July Mattress Deals!

Saatva – Redefining the Innerspring Mattress

Saatva consistently makes our list for the top mattresses in many categories, including the best innerspring mattresses, because of its creative design and quality build. Double-stacked layers of innerspring coils provide bounce and responsiveness that is bolstered by several layers of foam sewn into a euro-style pillow top. If it’s design wasn’t enough, the Saatva comes with free white-glove delivery and haul-away of an old mattress.


Saatva mattress

Helix - Customizing Your Mattress Choice

Helix is one of the most customizable mattress companies in the industry. Through its sleep quiz, the mattresses are able to be customized to fit your unique needs. They offer mattresses for every type of sleeper, taking into account weight and sleeping position. All Helix mattresses are hybrids, built from a combination of pocketed coils and foam layers. This will give you adequate support while also allowing for great temperature regulation.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature – True Hybrid Comfort

Brooklyn Bedding is a trusted name in the mattress industry, and the Signature mattress is an exciting redesign of their flagship mattress. It includes pocketed innerspring coils as a support core and two types of foam -- TitanFlex and Energex -- to ensure you get the responsiveness and bounce that you need while having the option to choose from three firmness levels. Other mattresses from Brooklyn Bedding, including the Aurora, Spartan, and Bowery, are also great choices and come with solid deals this 4th of July.

Tuft & Needle - Temperature Regulation for the Hottest Sleeper

Tuft & Needle's newest mattress, the Mint, is an all-foam mattress that improves on the Original with additional transitional layers of foam. It features enhanced responsiveness, cooling properties, and edge support. Tuft & Needle's reputation, combined with their 10 year warranty and 100 night trial make this mattress purchase an attractive option this 4th of July.

Tuft and Needle

PlushBeds – Luxury and Sustainability

It’s hard to top the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress for people who want a great night sleep on a mattress made with sustainable materials. Its all-latex interior combines with a cotton and wool cover to respond to pressure points while keeping considerable bounce and staying cool through the night. Organic materials are used throughout and far exceed the production standards of many competitors. Rest easy on this green mattress that is available with enticing 4th of July bargains.


Avocado - All Natural Latex

The Avocado Green is an organic hybrid mattress that combines the coolness of latex with the pressure-point relief of innerspring coils. The bed is topped with a layer of breathable 100% organic wool over 3 inches of organic Dunlop latex. The support layer is arranged in five different zones to offer targeted pressure point relief for the shoulders, back, hips and spine. For the holiday, Avocado is offering shoppers the choice between $175 off their purchase or two free pillows through July 8th. Sale purchases still qualify for Avocado's 100-night trial and 25 year warranty with free shipping and returns.


Avocado Mattress

Layla – Reversible, Contouring Memory Foam

For sleepers who want the most in versatility, Layla provides two firmness choices in one mattress. One side has a medium feel, and the other side is firm -- all you have to do is flip the mattress over to switch up the comfort feel. With pressure-relieving memory foam on either side, you’ll be sure to sleep soundly no matter your comfort preference. Copper-infused foam serves an extra feature for this mattress that has an enticing price point made even better with Independence Day deals.

layla mattress

Bear – Cutting Edge Materials

Bear sets its mattresses apart from the competition with the Celliant textile used in the cover. Celliant converts heat from your body into infrared rays that can promote physical recovery while also keeping you cool through the night. In the Original Bear mattress, a memory foam infused with graphite gel works in tandem with a latex-like polyfoam to respond to your body’s pressure points and to keep meaningful bounce. Don’t miss out on sizzling deals for the Original Bear and the Bear Hybrid this 4th of July.

Casper – A Customer Favorite

Casper is one of the most popular online mattress brands thanks to the excellent performance of its original Casper mattress. Memory foam and a specialty polyfoam make up its comfort layer, giving a combination of pressure-point relief and resilience. Special promotions are available from Casper this 4th of July on the original Casper and on the Casper Essential and Casper Wave as well.


The Casper

DreamCloud – Affordable Luxury Hybrid

When it comes to mattress materials, the DreamCloud is the best of all worlds. It uses pocketed innerspring coils, latex, and distinct variations of memory foam to offer a luxury sleeping surface. Its unique 8-layer design reflects careful attention-to-detail and all-around excellence. A medium firm comfort feel appeals to the majority of sleepers, and even with its high-class feel, the DreamCloud has a competitive price made even better with 4th of July deals.

DreamCloud Mattress

Tempur-Pedic - Tried and True Memory Foam Mattress

Tempur-Pedic is one of the most well-known mattress companies in the industry. The company popularized the all memory foam bed that so many customers now love. They offer a few high quality options on their site, at a high price point. This price is backed by the quality and durability of their beds along with a 10 year warranty. This 4th of July is a great time to snag one of these high-quality mattresses at a lower price.

Birch - An All New Organic Option

Birch is a new mattress offered by Helix Sleep. It is a hybrid mattress made from all natural Talalay latex and pocketed coils, handmade in the United State. It's topped with an all natural New Zealand wool cover, which helps with temperature regulation. It comes with an incredible 25 year warranty and 100 night sleep trial.

birch mattress

Allswell - Affordable Comfort

One of the most affordable mattresses on the market, the Allswell is offered at an even greater deal this 4th of July. As a hybrid mattress, you get the best of both worlds with pocketed innerspring coils and layers of contouring memory foam. This mattress consistently ranks as the best value for your money across our site.

Purple - Equal Parts Contouring and Support

The most unique feature of the New Purple Mattress is its patented Smart Comfort Grid™ composed of durable, hypoallergenic Hyper-Elastic Polymer. The super-stretchy grid provides great resilience for comfortable and versatile cradling, in addition to superior pressure-point relief. Purple offers a 100-night trial, free returns, delivery and in-home setup, including removal of your old mattress. Through July 7th shoppers can enjoy 10% off their purchase of the New Purple mattress.


Purple Mattress Image

Awara - Focused on Sustainability

The mattress from Awara Sleep is an eco-friendly hybrid mattress, featuring GOLS-Certified Dunlop Latex and COTS-Certified 100% organic cotton. Directly focuses on sustainability, Awara plants a tree and pays carbon offsets for each mattress purchased. Awara offers a 365-night trial and a forever warranty.


My Green Mattress - Certified Organic and US Made

My Green Mattresses are all GREENGUARD Gold certified and feature recycled American steel and organic wool and latex. These factory-direct, organic hybrid beds come in multiple models -- the original Pure Echo, the Natural Escape, and the Hope Latex Mattress. The Pure Echo and Natural Escape mattresses are hand-tufted to avoid the use of chemical adhesives used by other manufacturers and all materials except for the organic latex is recycled and processed in the United States. Customer service representatives are eager to help consumers choose the all-organic bed that best meets their preferences and each bed is backed by a full, non-prorated guarantee, a 100-night trial and a 25 year warranty. Through July 9th, My Green Mattresses is offering 15% off everything sitewide.

my green mattress natural escape

Loom & Leaf – Serious Support

The Loom & Leaf offers eco-conscious foams that help you get the essential sleep that you need. Contouring high-density memory foam layers are durable and promote spinal alignment to keep you from waking up with aches and pains. Low carbon footprint foams and organic cotton enhance the appeal of this well-reviewed mattress. Each Loom & Leaf mattress comes with free installation and removal of your old mattress, and you can get even more value with special offers this 4th of July.

Loom and Leaf Bed

Puffy – Plush Comfort

Sleep in peace on the Cloud Comfort foam of the Original Puffy mattress. With a softer feel that contours your pressure points, the Puffy will keep your spine well supported throughout the night. With gel-infused foam to resist heat retention, the Puffy will keep you cool even through the heat of the summer.

WinkBed – Coil-on-Coil Cushioning

If you’re sick of mattresses that give out at the edge, the WinkBed should quickly jump to the top of your list. It has a reinforced perimeter and delivers far more edge support than most hybrid and foam beds. A coil-on-coil support core and foam comfort layer add great pressure relief and comfort to the notable edge support in this well-built mattress.


Buying a New Mattress: Online v. In-Store

The mattress industry has undergone a major transition in the last decade. Like many other retail industries, a growing percentage of mattress sales have moved online. Most e-commerce mattress sites offer free shipping, sleep trials, and easy returns to let customers test out mattresses risk free in their own homes before making a final decision.

Whether to buy online or in-store is a matter of personal preference. If you’re not sure which approach to take, the table below highlights the key benefits of both.

Online In-Store
Skip going to stores and search for products online in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule. There’s no replacement for actually touching a mattress, and you only have the opportunity to do so before buying if you visit a showroom.
Without a sales rep looking over your shoulder, online shopping is a low pressure environment where it’s easy to take your time making a decision. If you want to compare multiple models in the moment, a brick-and-mortar store makes it quick and simple.
Plenty of resources exist to help you find the perfect mattress including customer reviews, third party analysis, and extensive information from mattress makers themselves. Though they get a bad rap, sales reps can offer vital information and assist you in choosing the best bed for you.
Heavy competition keeps prices low year-round with even better deals during sales seasons. It’s much easier to negotiate online and get a better price or other perks.
Comparison shopping is simple through compiling information or by using head-to-head reviews online. The need to move inventory can encourage brick-and-mortar stores to offer steeper discounts and closeout sales.
You can test a mattress out in your home for months with no risk during a sleep trial. Fewer number of in-store options to consider can prevent information overload and feeling overwhelmed.
Free shipping typically comes included within the U.S., and bed-in-a-box delivery makes setup a breeze.

Finding a 4th of July Deal Online

If you’ve already done some research and know which mattresses you’re interested in, start looking for a deal by going straight to that brand’s website. Just by visiting the site you’re likely to encounter a coupon code or promotional price that’s listed either in a banner advertisement or in a pop-up window.

If there’s a coupon code, make sure to jot it down so that you can enter it when you go through checkout and enter payment details. If there’s no coupon code, double check that the final price in your cart reflects the discount.

When you aren’t able to find a discount on the mattress seller’s site, you can send them a message - either by e-mail or online chat - asking if they are offering any promotions.

Besides direct discounts, you can find coupons from review sites and other third party pages. Thanks to partnerships with mattress companies, these sources frequently have special discounts, and they offer useful product information to boot.

While brick-and-mortar stores are generally closed on the 4th of July, you can still shop online. Though deals likely will run all weekend, you can go ahead and buy your new bed if you’ve got a bit of downtime while waiting for fireworks.

A good thing to remember is to avoid thinking exclusively about price. Sure, a deal is great, but the most important thing is finding a mattress you love. Falling for a great deal that gets you a low price on a bad mattress won’t serve you well in the long-run. You’ll end up shelling out more to replace the mattress.

If all of this seems like a lot to work through, you can jump straight to our list of the best deals on mattresses for this 4th of July holiday.

How to Save In-Store on the 4th of July

Begin any search for a 4th of July in-store mattress deal by browsing local media: radio, TV, and newspapers. Just like grocery stores will distribute flyers with bargains for the barbecue, furniture stores, mattress stores, and department stores will often send out the details on their own sales.

In the days leading up to the holiday, check your mail and look for a glossy ad from local stores. These will normally be included with the weekly ads in the local newspaper as well. Shorter, less-detailed ads may be played on TV and radio, and if you know a store is having a sale, you can get more information from their website.

With any sale that’s going on, make sure to take note of which days the sale is running. While most will run Friday through Sunday, some may start on July 3rd.

If you can learn more about specific product discounts, take a few minutes to call other stores or search online to see if that’s actually the lowest price you can find. If you know lower prices are available elsewhere, try using that information to negotiate a better deal.

The important thing is not to lose sight of features beyond mattress price. Yes, you need to find a mattress that fits your budget, but don’t sacrifice your sleep for a great deal. Even a bargain basement price isn’t worth it if a mattress doesn’t support your spine or otherwise disrupts your sleep.

Brand Sale Details
Saatva Mattress $100 off mattress
Helix Sleep Up to $200 off
Brooklyn Bedding 25% off sitewide
Tuft & Needle $150 off purchase of Mint
PlushBeds Up to $1,200 off + free accessories
Avocado $175 off Green Mattress
Layla $125 off + free pillows
Bear 20% off sitewide
GhostBed $200 off + free pillows
Casper 10% off any order
DreamCloud $200 off any size mattress
Tempur-Pedic $500 off any Breeze mattress
Birch $200 off any Birch mattress
Allswell 15% off mattresses and bedding
Purple 10% off any mattress order
Awara $200 off any mattress
My Green Mattress 15% off sitewide
Loom & Leaf TBA
Puffy TBA
WinkBed TBA