Best Mattress Stores in Houston

Updated on September 23, 2020

Are you waking up with back pains? Do you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night? Is your mattress sagging, smelling, or otherwise just not what it used to be?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then, “Houston, we have a problem.”

All joking aside, Houston’s importance goes way beyond this famous phrase. It is one of America’s biggest and most dynamic cities with a growing population and ties to major industries and advanced programs like NASA Mission Control.

Quality sleep is critical for residents of this bustling metropolis, and that requires having a mattress that is comfortable and supportive. But people who need a new bed may not be sure where to go to find the best mattress at the best price.

Online shopping for mattresses has become increasingly common, and there are great values available if you want to buy online. However, if you want to see and feel a mattress in person before making a purchase, you’ll need to visit a brick-and-mortar store.

In this guide, we’ll describe the best mattress stores in Houston. We’ll review where you can see well-known online brands in stores as well as where you can find the top local mattress retailers. From these options, you can find the optimal place to buy a mattress that will help you get the sleep that you deserve.

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Physical Stores for Online Brands

For years, many people thought that e-commerce would never play a big role in the mattress industry. That belief has gone by the wayside in the last ten years as numerous companies have burst onto the scene with wild success in selling mattresses directly to consumers online.

After building a brand and track record through online sales, some of these companies have moved into the brick-and-mortar space as well. By opening physical stores, they give their customers the ability to try out a mattress in person and in many cases take the mattress home that same day.

The table below provides information about the online brands that have physical storefronts in the Houston area.

Brand / StoreAddressKey ProductsWhy They Are Worth a Look
CasperHouston Galleria 5085 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77056

Mattresses (Original and Wave, including hybrids) Bedding; Furniture (base, nightstands) Accessories

An early innovator in online mattress sales, their product line features numerous models with proven track records of customer satisfaction

Galleria: 5135 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77056 Katy: 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd #C125, Katy, TX 77494 Friendswood: 500 Baybrook Mall #1124, Friendswood, TX 77546

Mattresses (memory foam) Bedding Furniture

Multiple designs of memory foam mattresses that offer excellent pressure relief and can suit all sleepers


When it comes to brand recognition for online mattress companies, Casper is at the head of the class. Not only was Casper a trailblazer in online mattress sales, but they’ve continued to push forward mattress design to provide better and better products to their customers.

What started it all was the original Casper mattress, which has an all-foam design and cushions pressure points using a mix of specialty polyfoam and open-cell memory foam. Not content with the success of this mattress alone, Casper launched the Casper Hybrid, which has a similar comfort system but uses a coil-based support core for added springiness. New models from Casper include the Wave and Wave Hybrid, higher-end beds that take advantage of design innovations to offer excellent contouring and temperature regulation.

At the Casper retail store in the Houston Galleria, customers can try out each of these beds and get a real sense of how well they promote comfort and spinal alignment. Casper also offers a range of other products, including their Glow Light, bedroom furniture, pillows, and bedding.


Amerisleep offers five mattresses — named the AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5 — that all take advantage of the qualities of memory foam. Memory foam is one of the most effective materials at providing proportional support, helping each part of the body to get the cushioning that it needs. This works to keep the spine aligned and avoid morning aches and pains.

The memory foam used by Amerisleep is designed to have better breathability than traditional memory foam, preventing problems related to sleeping hot. Each of the Amerisleep models has a different feel, so there is a mattress option that works for anyone regardless of their body weight or sleeping position.

Amerisleep has three locations in the greater Houston area including at the Houston Galleria, at the Baybrook Mall, and in Katy. The Amerisleep models are on display at these stores, and customers can check out bedroom furniture and bedding available from Amerisleep at these stores as well.


Retailers Featuring Online Brands

Another way that some online mattress companies have sought to offer products in physical stores is by partnering with major retailers. This has allowed them to place their mattress models in showrooms where customers can try them out in person.

The following table lists the brick-and-mortar retail stores in the Houston area that feature online mattress brands.

StoreAddressFeatured Products
Mattress Firm & Macy’sMultiple LocationsPurple and All-New Purple (Hybrid)

Galleria: 4323 San Felipe St Houston, TX 77027 Houston Far West: 2700 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77082 Pearland: 3045 Silverlake Village St, Pearland, TX 77584 Missouri City: 6000 Highway 6, Missouri City, TX 77459

Casper Essential Mattress
West Elm & Pottery Barn

West Elm – City Centre 12848 Queensbury Ln Suite 152, Houston, TX, 77024 West Elm – Highland Village: 3910 Westheimer, Houston, TX, 77027 Pottery Barn – Highland Village – Houston 4011 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX, 77027

Leesa & Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Purple Mattresses – Mattress Firm & Macy’s

Most mattress shoppers have heard of memory foam and latex, but they probably haven’t heard of a Hyper-Elastic Polymer. Despite its complicated-sounding name, this is the driving force behind the popularity of the Purple mattresses.

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer is a proprietary material developed by Purple that is formed into the comfort layer — called the Smart Comfort Grid —  of the original Purple and All-New Purple hybrid mattresses. The material is formed into an array of squares that are highly responsive to weight and pressure, providing tailored cushioning with plenty of bounce. The structure of the Smart Comfort Grid facilitates ventilation so that overheating is virtually never an issue on the Purple mattresses.

The original Purple has two inches of the Smart Comfort Grid on top of supporting layers of foam. The All-New Purple Hybrid has two, three, or four inches of the Smart Comfort Grid depending on which model is chosen, and that comfort system is bolstered by a foam transition layer and a support core of pocketed innerspring coils.

Purple is an extremely popular online brand, and they’ve built on that success by partnering with Mattress Firm and Macy’s to offer their products in retail stores. A list of locations where you can see these mattresses in person can be found by using the Purple Store Locator.

Casper Essential – Target

As Casper expanded its product line, the company realized that many people with limited budgets were unable to find quality mattresses that could help them get a good night’s sleep. This led to the development of the Casper Essential, an entry-level mattress that utilizes quality design and materials but at a more affordable price point.

The Casper Essential has an all-foam construction. Its comfort layer uses both polyfoam and memory foam to relieve pressure points for people in all sleeping positions.

Casper does not offer the Essential in its own retail stores, but it does distribute the mattress in select Target stores. There are currently three Target locations in the Houston area with the Essential, and you can consult the most up-to-date list using the Casper Store Locator.

Leesa Mattresses – West Elm & Pottery Barn

Leesa is a well-recognized brand that has been among the leading companies in the rise of e-commerce in the mattress industry. The company designs their mattresses to make use of multiple different layers to give customers a comfortable and spine-supporting sleeping surface.

Leesa launched into the industry with its original Leesa mattress. This mattress is made with three layers of foam. The comfort system uses a top layer of a specialty latex-like polyfoam that is bolstered by memory foam. These two materials combine to deliver notable pressure point relief without excessive hug or heat retention. A thick layer of high-density polyfoam serves as the mattress support core.

The newer Leesa Hybrid mattress employs the same design in the comfort system, but instead of a foam support core, it has a sturdy layer of pocketed innerspring coils. These coils supplement the responsiveness of the comfort system while improving edge support and bounce.

Mattress shoppers can see the Leesa mattresses in person at retail stores of West Elm and Pottery Barn. There are two West Elm stores and one Pottery Barn located in the greater Houston area, and specific details for these stores can be accessed in the Leesa Store Finder.


Local Mattress Stores

There are many options for shopping at national mattress chains and department stores, but some customers prefer to buy a mattress at a local store. These shops frequently provide an excellent shopping experience by offering competitive prices and service with a smile.

The following table reviews the best local mattress shops in and around Houston.

StoreAddressWhy They Are Worth a Look
Texas Mattress Makers

4619 Navigation Blvd. Houston, TX 77011 5026 East 3rd St. Katy, TX 77493

Local manufacturer of mattresses with two showrooms and rave reviews from customers
New Living6111 Kirby Dr. Houston, 77005Local shop founded in 2007 that emphasizes social and environmental mission including by offering only chemical-free and natural mattresses
Gallery Furniture

6006 North Freeway Houston, TX 77076 2411 Post Oak Blvd Houston, TX 77056 7227 West Grand Parkway South, Richmond, TX 77407

Huge furniture stores offer extensive selection and excellent prices with mattresses that usually can be delivered that same day
La Sierra Furniture

11245 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77031 11586 Veterans Memorial Dr, Houston Tx 77064

Family-owned business with two showrooms that have wide selection and great prices on mattresses and other furniture

Texas Mattress Makers

Texas Mattress Makers started as a bedding retailer in 1989, but in 2011 the company transitioned to manufacturing its own mattresses in order to have more control over the quality and design of its products.

By selling directly to customers, Texas Mattress Makers can offer excellent pricing and a personalized level of service, including custom mattress designs. Customers rave about the quality and value offered by this company, and their products can be viewed in two showrooms in Houston.

New Living

New Living, established in 2007, has a different paradigm and mindset than most furniture stores. It is a Certified B-Corporation, meaning that a social mission is an explicit part of the business. New Living focuses on making and selling products that promote healthy people, healthy communities, and a healthy planet.

To serve this mission, New Living offers a range of mattresses that are free of harmful chemicals. Many of these are certified organic and built with natural products. Eco-conscious customers who want to work with a specialist to find a green mattress can get friendly, focused help at New Living.

Gallery Furniture

Gallery Furniture is a local store, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a small shop. Its two locations are huge and serve as a showroom for a sprawling range of mattresses and other home furniture products.

As a larger store, Gallery Furniture uses its buying power to help customers get great prices on well-known brands and models. In most cases, they offer same-day delivery within the greater Houston area. For mattresses, they provide a 90-night comfort exchange program.

La Sierra Furniture

La Sierra Furniture offers a wide selection of home furnishings including mattresses from many major brands. Customers praise La Sierra for their competitive prices and their attentive help in both sales and service. The company is family-owned, was founded in 2002, and has two locations in the greater Houston area.


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