Best Mattress Stores in Philadelphia

Updated on December 11, 2019

Philadelphia is a serious city with a serious reputation. Its fame ranges from being the site of some of the most important landmarks in American history to being the home of the beloved Philly cheesesteak.

Philadelphia is known for its hard-charging, hard-working people, and it’s also a city loaded with universities and students pursuing careers of all types. All of this combines to mean that the residents of the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection need to be able to get a good night’s sleep so that they can have all the energy that they need to take on the day.

Sleep that is restful for both the mind and the body demands a high-quality mattress, and people have more options today than ever before for where to do their mattress shopping. The online mattress industry has grown tremendously, but many shoppers still seek out a brick-and-mortar store where they can see and feel a mattress in person.

For customers who want to shop in-store, this guide introduces the best mattress stores in Philadelphia. It explains where online brands can be seen in retail shops and lists the most well-regarded local mattress sellers.

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Physical Stores for Online Brands

Online shopping has been booming for all types of products, and mattresses are no exception. In the past decade, numerous companies have achieved considerable success by selling mattresses online and directly to customers who never set foot in a physical store.

Now that some online brands have established their reputation, they are expanding their reach by creating brick-and-mortar showrooms where customers can see their mattresses and bedding in person.

Casper, one of the biggest online brands, has made a considerable push into the retail space, and it is currently the only online brand with its own dedicated physical store in the greater Philadelphia area. Details for the Casper store in King of Prussia is available in the table below.

Brand / StoreAddressKey ProductsWhy They Are Worth a Look
CasperKing of Prussia Mall 160 N Gulph Rd Unit 2086 King of Prussia, PA 19406

Mattresses (Original and Wave, including hybrids) Bedding; Furniture (base, nightstands) Accessories

Early mover in the online mattress industry that has kept innovating with numerous new mattress models


When Casper launched, the online mattress sales were minimal, and many of the traditional players in the industry assumed that customers would always want to buy in an actual store. Casper shook up this paradigm by offering free and easy delivery and a sleep trial for customers to have an extended period to try out the mattress in their own bedroom.

The original Casper mattress that started this trend is still available from the company. The bed is composed entirely of foam. The top two layers are the comfort system and they provide contouring to deliver pressure point relief as well as resilience to facilitate easy movement on the bed. The third foam layer is a support core made of high-density polyfoam.

Casper expanded on the popularity of this mattress by launching the Casper Hybrid, a new model that uses a support core of innerspring coils instead of foam. The company also rolled out the Casper Wave and the Wave Hybrid, upscale models that have more robust features and design elements to give exceptional tailored support to the body.

Shoppers who want to check out these offerings can do so at the Casper showroom in King of Prussia. At this store, Casper allows you to get a closer look at each option and to lie down and stretch out to see how these mattresses feel. Other products on display include the Casper Glow Light, pillows, bedding, and bedroom furniture.


Retailers Featuring Online Brands

While the Casper store is the only brand-specific mattress store in greater Philadelphia, there is another way to see some online brands in person. A handful of online-based companies have struck partnership agreements with retail chains that feature their products.

The table below outlines which brands are on display and the stores where you can find them in Philadelphia.

StoreAddressFeatured Products
Mattress Firm & Macy’sMultiple LocationsPurple and All-New Purple (Hybrid)

Cherry Hill: 2137 Route 38 Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 Cheltenham: 2450 Shoppers Ln Wyncote, PA 19095

Casper Essential Mattress
West Elm & Pottery BarnMultiple LocationsLeesa & Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Crate & Barrel160 N. Gulph Road, Suite 201, King Of Prussia, PA 19406Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress

Purple Mattresses – Mattress Firm & Macy’s

Customers who are looking for a different approach to mattress design are often drawn to the Purple mattresses that take advantage of a unique layer called the Smart Comfort Grid.

The Smart Comfort Grid forms the comfort layer of the Purple mattresses, and it is made with a proprietary Hyper-Elastic Polymer. In the original Purple, this layer is two inches thick. In the All-New Purple, it is either two, three, or four inches thick depending on which model you select.

What makes the Smart Comfort Grid unique is how it is composed and how it performs. Instead of being one chunk of foam, it is an extensive series of small open-cell squares that compress when you lie down on the bed. They compress in proportion to the pressure applied and then quickly spring back to their normal shape when pressure is taken away. This gives the Smart Comfort Grid properties of both contouring and bounce. The polymer does not retain heat, making the Purple a favorite among people who tend to sleep hot.

Purple started out selling only online, but the company has forged partnerships with both Mattress Firm and Macy’s, two companies with extensive networks of brick-and-mortar locations. To see a list of stores carrying Purple mattresses in Philadelphia, check out the Purple Store Locator.

Casper Essential – Target

We’ve already described Casper and their most well-known products, but in addition to the Casper and Wave models, the company developed a lower-cost mattress called the Casper Essential.

The Casper Essential is an all-foam mattress that was designed to offer significant value to shoppers whose budgets might not be able to accommodate a more expensive Casper mattress. While it may not have many fancy features, the Casper Essential works well for most sleepers. It layers include specialty polyfoam and memory foam to provide meaningful support and pressure relief.

The Essential is not on display at the Casper King of Prussia showroom, but it is available in select Target stores. Currently there are two Target locations in greater Philadelphia with the Essential, and the most up-to-date list can be found by using the Casper Store Locator.

Leesa Mattresses – West Elm and Pottery Barn

Leesa was an early standout during the early rapid growth of the online mattress industry. The company’s original Leesa mattress made use of both memory foam and a latex-like polyfoam to give customers an option that could cushion their pressure points without causing them to sink deeply into the mattress.

Given the popularity of the original Leesa, the company decided to roll out a new model, the Leesa Hybrid, for people who wanted the support of the Leesa’s comfort system along with the bounce-like feel of a traditional innerspring mattress. This hybrid uses an innerspring support core that enhances the bed’s edge support while still promoting excellent spinal alignment.

The Leesa and Leesa Hybrid are on display at many West Elm and Pottery Barn retail stores nationwide. There are multiple locations of these home furnishings stores in greater Philadelphia, and their addresses and hours are available in the Leesa Store Finder.

Tuft & Needle Mint – Crate & Barrel

Tuft & Needle has been a popular choice among online mattresses in large part because of the company’s proprietary Adaptive Foam. Adaptive Foam is specially formulated to have characteristics similar to both latex and memory foam. For example, it contours to the body for support but keeps a notable level of bounce. This foam helps isolate motion but fights against heat retention.

Tuft & Needle makes two mattresses, both of which utilize Adaptive Foam. Only the Tuft & Needle Mint, their second mattress model, is available at Crate & Barrel locations. The Mint features two layers of Adaptive Foam in the comfort layer for extra support for sleepers in any position.

Shoppers in the Philadelphia area can get an up-close view of the Tuft & Needle Mint at the Crate & Barrel store in King of Prussia.


Local Mattress Stores

Customers who want a great in-person mattress shopping experience can often find it at a local mattress shop. These are normally family-run and focused on serving their neighborhood and city with excellent prices and customer care.

For people who want to shop local, the table below lists the top neighborhood mattress stores in and around Philadelphia.

StoreAddressWhy They Are Worth a Look
The Mattress Man7421 Stenton Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19150Family-run business dating to 1988 offers a showroom with many choices and free, timely delivery
Mattress Market198 York Rd, Warminster, PA 18974Neighborhood store offers significant selection, discount prices, and well-regarded customer service
Your Organic Bedroom

Doylestown: 323 South Main Street, Doylestown, PA 18901 Paoli: 83 East Lancaster Ave, Paoli, PA 19301

Two showrooms from this small business provide customers extensive options for natural mattresses made without harmful chemicals
Mattress Outlet of Abington1518 Easton Road Abington, PA 19001Local store that focuses on finding the right mattress at a great price – calling ahead to schedule a visit is requested

The Mattress Man

The Mattress Man is a family business based in the tranquil Mt. Airy neighborhood. Originally founded in 1988, it is one of the longest-running small mattress shops in the Philadelphia area.

At their showroom, customers can get a close look at numerous brands and models. The Mattress Man provides free delivery and haul-away of an old mattress, and in many cases, same-day delivery is available within Philadelphia.

Mattress Market

Mattress Market is a local store with its showroom in Warminster, Pennsylvania. They mostly focus on well-known national brands, but they strive to offer these to customers at discount prices and with a level of service that can be hard to find in other mattress stores. For these reasons, Mattress Market has earned high marks from shoppers and a loyal following of customers.

Your Organic Bedroom

Your Organic Bedroom started as one store in 2007 and has since expanded to open a second location. Showrooms in Doylestown and Paoli are focused on giving customers options for finding a mattress that is made with natural materials and without potentially harmful chemicals. Eco-conscious customers who want friendly service and solid prices can visit either showroom to learn more about how to best outfit their organic bedroom.

Mattress Outlet of Abington

The Mattress Outlet of Abington, founded in 2011, thrives based on the personal service of its owner, Vic Patalano. Customers rave about his attention to their needs and ability to provide top-notch prices and service. The Mattress Outlet showroom features many models, including from major national brands. They ask that you call to schedule a visit so that they can give you the time and attention you need to find the right mattress.


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