Parachute Mattress Review

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Launched in 2014 as an online-only, direct-to-consumer brand, the fast-growing Parachute aims to offer a premium, eco-friendly, and cozy bed. The brand was initially known for their sheets, pillows, and other bedding accessories. They launched their signature mattress this year. Parachute focuses on creating a luxury mattress while using natural materials

The Parachute mattress features three layers. The top comfort layer is made from New Zealand wool that offers pressure point relief. The support layer features pocketed mini coils for hip and back reinforcement. The transitional layer is made up of hypoallergenic wool. The mattress has a cover made of 100% organic cotton. The mattress is 13 inches thick and is considered a medium firm mattress and scores a 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale.

parachute mattress

In-depth Parachute Mattress Review

Parachute Mattress Prices and Sizes

Twin38” x 75” x 13”$1,299
Twin XL38” x 80” x 13”$1,299
Full53” x 75” x 13”$1,799
Queen60” x 80” x 13”$1,799
King76” x 80” x 13”$1,899
California King72” x 84” x 13”$2,199


The Parachute mattress has a medium firm feel around a 6.5 on the firmness scale. It is not currently offered in any other firmness level.


Shipping is free throughout the United States. International shipping is not available.

The Parachute mattress is available to buy directly from the Parachute’s website. If you prefer to shop in-store, Parachute operates several brick-and-mortar stores around the country.


The hybrid Parachute mattress consists of three different layers. The top layer is a comfort system that uses natural and sustainable New Zealand wool.

The support layer, at the core, consists of three tiers of firm and pocketed multi-gauge mini coils with a flame-resistant wool insulator base.

Finally, the transitional layer is made up of hypoallergenic wool. Unlike most other mattresses, no memory foam or latex is used.

The quilted cover on the mattress is made from 100% organic cotton. The Parachute mattress also uses tempered steel for its coils with five times that of a standard mattress.


The Parachute mattress includes free shipping and returns. It’s available throughout the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. International shipping is not currently available.

The mattress is hand-delivered in a streamlined box via Ryder Freight Services.

All mattresses are made to order. It takes 2-3 business days to manufacture and 7-10 business days to schedule a delivery.

If you decide to return Parachute’s mattress, you will need to schedule a free pick up. The mattress cannot be returned by mail. Assembly is not required.

Additional Services

White glove carriers can take away your old mattress when the new one arrives. They will not take away a frame or box spring.

Old mattresses are recycled or disposed of depending on the condition and the availability of processing centers in your state. Parachute also supports recycling efforts and covers any possible retail fees.

Sleep Trial

The company offers a sleep trial of 90 nights so you can decide if their mattress is right for you. They also accept returns within 90 days.


The brand offers a ten-year limited warranty that covers any manufacturing or materials defect that causes the mattress to tear, rip, split, crack, or otherwise become unusable under conditions of normal use.

The complete terms can be found here.

Parachute Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

The Parachute mattress isolates motion to a small degree. In other words, you will still feel regular movement, particularly when your sleeping partner changes positions or leaves the bed.

Edge Support

The Parachute features multiple layers of coils that continue up to the edge of the mattress. Sitting on the mattress comfortable and supportive, and the risks of rolling or falling off during the night are significantly reduced. Getting in and out of bed will be easier for those with limited mobility.

Heat Retention

The Parachute uses multiple coil layers that keep heat away from your body. Low sinkage promotes greater airflow around the body and New Zealand wool helps wick away moisture. Heat retention should not be a problem for most sleepers in this mattress.


There doesn’t appear to be a significant concern when it comes to off-gassing with the Parachute. The New Zealand wool might emit a smell at first which some people may find unpleasant, but the odor will usually go away after a day or two. There is also no foam or latex used in the product, which typically contributes to off-gassing.


The Parachute mattress features a support layer that consists of three tiers of pocketed multi-gauge mini coils with a New Zealand wool insulator base. The key support core is constructed with thicker steel coils in the middle and two sets of thinner steel coils at either end of the mattress. It should offer great support to the majority of sleepers.


The pure natural New Zealand wool in the comfort layers of the mattress does a good job of cushioning your body while sleeping. However, it doesn’t conform very closely to the body, meaning it may not cradle your body’s pressure points as a latex mattress would.


Parachute’s mattress has multiple layers of steel coils and natural New Zealand wool. Hybrid mattresses have an average lifespan of six and a half to seven years, and the Parachute’s mattress will last at least that long, if not longer.


Parachute’s mattress should provide more than adequate support for couples due to its responsiveness. It should also have enough bounce in order to not restrict any movement or sexual activity.

Parachute Home4.5/5 (47 reviews)
Google ShoppingN/A
Consumer ReportsN/A

What Type of Sleeper is Suited to a Parachute Mattress?

Side Sleepers: Parachute’s Mattress comes in at a 6.5, or a ‘medium firm’ rating. That’s good news for people of average weight, but it may be slightly too firm for people on either end of the spectrum. Side sleepers will find that it doesn’t conform to them as closely as they might need and may want to find a softer option, depending on their weight

Back Sleepers: Back sleepers who weigh over 130 pounds are likely to find this mattress will very comfortable. The medium firm rating means the bed will provide enough pain and pressure relief. This mattress is also a great option for people on either end of the weight spectrum, as it will provide enough support without feeling too firm.

Stomach Sleepers: This mattress may not be the best option for stomach sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds as it may be too firm. Both average weight and above average weight stomach sleepers, however, will find this mattress very comfortable.

Under 130 lbs130-230 lbsAbove 230 lbs
Side SleepersFairGoodGood
Back Sleepers GoodVery GoodGood
Stomach Sleepers FairGoodGood

Our Verdict

Parachute’s debut mattress is an accomplished effort. The aim of providing a modern, eco-friendly, high-quality bed that looks and feels as good as the company’s linens has undoubtedly been achieved.

With its excellent edge support for those with more limited mobility, Parachute’s mattress provides customers with an impressively cool sleep that is excellently supported thanks to its multiple tiers of pocketed mini coils and layers of New Zealand wool. It’s particularly significant for those that sleep on their back, but also provides sufficient support for all types of sleepers.

With the use of natural and organic materials, it’s a recyclable product with a better-than-average lifespan. It may not be the cheapest mattress, but the quality is felt throughout the product.

Material Quality
9.5 / 10
9.1 / 10
Temperature Regulation
9.8 / 10
9.1 / 10
Suitability for Sex
9.2 / 10
Trial period
8.7 / 10
8.0 / 10
Company Reputation
8.0 / 10
Value for the Money
9.2 / 10


– Only natural, eco-friendly materials that are good for the environment are used
– Offers excellent edge support for those with limited mobility.
– Great option for temperature control, great for hot sleepers
– The mattress will provide more than adequate support for couples due to its responsiveness and bounce


– Fairly short trial period
– Not a great option for many side sleepers
– As a luxury option, it has a higher price point than many other hybrid options
– The New Zealand wool might emit an odor at first

Company Information

Customer Service: Parachute offers strong customer service. Out of 676 reviews on Trustpilot, they have 4 out of 5 stars, with multiple reviews mentioning their ‘world class customer service.’

Reputation: Parachute is well-known for its online-only high-quality products, particularly bath linen, sheets, pillows, and other bedding accessories.

BBB Rating: Parachute has a C- rating from the Better Business Bureau due to not responding to one complaint.

Years in Business: Parachute launched in 2014 as an online-only, direct-to-consumer brand.

Physical Stores: Parachute has seven brick-and-mortar stores. Two are based in Los Angeles, and the other stores are in Portland, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago.

Contact Information: You can email Parachute at [email protected]. Their phone number is 888.967.8832, or you can live chat with them, Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm PST. Their website address is