Parachute Sheets Review

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Since it was founded in 2014, Parachute has built a loyal following for its bedding, bath products, and other housewares. The company focuses on providing high-quality and stylish products at competitive prices. Their direct-to-consumer sales model allows for extensive customization and optimizing a product bundle for your bedroom.

This guide focuses on the Parachute sheets, but the company offers a wide range of other products including a mattress, mattress toppers, pillows, blankets, duvet covers, and abundant other options for home decor. All of these products reflect a modern yet elegant sensibility in design. For their sheets, Parachute offers five models that differ based on their fabric and construction:

  • Linen (100% European flax)
  • Sateen (100% cotton)
  • Washed Sateen (100% cotton)
  • Percale (100% cotton)
  • Heathered Percale (100% cotton)
  • Brushed Cotton (100% cotton)

All of the bedding sets include a fitted sheet and a set of two pillowcases. A flat sheet can be added to this basic set. Other bundles that include a duvet cover are also available. In addition, Parachute lets you take a mix-and-match approach to build a sheet set that suits your needs in terms of components, materials, and looks.

All of the Parachute sheets are made in northern Portugal, a country with a long history of producing high-end textiles. Sheets are sourced from a family-owned factory with generations of experience in this industry. The combination of top-notch materials and production expertise provides the Parachute bedding products with a notable level of luxury.

In this in-depth review of Parachute sheets, we’ll cover the sizing and pricing of their sheets and will explain the similarities and differences between each of the sheet options offered by the company.

Parachute Sheets Quick Overview

  1. High-end and durable fabrics
  2. Multiple distinct options for sheet construction and design
  3. 90-day sleep trial
  4. Mix-and-match purchase options on company website
  1. Higher-than-average price point
  2. No long-term warranty

In-depth Parachute Sheets Review

Sizing and Pricing

All of the Parachute sheet sets have the same dimensions for the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases. Those dimensions are listed in the following table. Taking note of these dimensions can help you ensure that your new sheets properly fit your mattress.

Flat SheetFitted SheetPillowcases (2 Included)
Twin74″ x 105″39″ x 76″ x 16″20″ x 26.5″ (standard)
Twin XL74″ x 105″39″ x 80″ x 16″20″ x 26.5″ (standard)
Full96″ x 105″54″ x 75″ x 16″20″ x 26.5″ (standard)
Queen96″ x 105″60″ x 80″ x 16″20″ x 26.5″ (standard)
King108″ x 105″76″ x 80″ x 16″20″ x 36.5″ (King)
CA King108″ x 105″72″ x 84″ x 16″20″ x 36.5″ (King)

Pricing for Parachute sheets and pillowcases are listed in the table below. The Washed Sateen, Heathered Percale, and Brushed Cotton sheets are not available in Twin or Twin XL sizes.

Sheets can be purchased individually or as a set. A standard set from Parachute involves a fitted sheet and two pillowcases with the option to add a flat sheet. For sheet set prices, we have included all three of these components: one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one pillowcase. If you choose to buy sheets individually, there is no difference in price between a single flat or fitted sheet.

Sheet Set Pricing
LinenSateenWashed SateenPercaleHeathered PercaleBrushed Cotton
Twin, Twin XL$239$209N/A$169N/AN/A
Full, Queen$279$249$249$209$269$249
King, CA King$309$279$279$239$299$279
Individual Flat or Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase Pricing
LinenSateenWashed SateenPercaleHeathered PercaleBrushed Cotton
Twin, Twin XL$90 $80N/A$60N/AN/A
Full, Queen$110$100$100$180$110$100
King, CA King$120$110$110$90$120$110
Standard Pillowcase (Set of 2)$59$49$49$49$49$49
King Pillowcase (Set of 2)$69$59$59$59$59$59

Materials and Construction

There are six models of Parachute sheets to choose from. All are manufactured in Portugal according to high production standards. This section provides more details about the materials and construction of each sheet style.

  • Linen: Parachute’s Linen sheets are made with 100% European flax. This is a hollow fiber that allows for plenty of airflow, making linen a great option for hot sleepers. At the same time, the medium-weight material provides a cozy feel on chilly nights, and as a result, linen is a viable option for year-round use. The linen in the Parachute sheets is garment washed to add softness, and it will continue to get softer with repeated use and washing. The fibers are durable and stain-resistant, and the sheets have a classic yet casual look, especially because they are prone to mild wrinkling.
  • Sateen: Parachute’s Sateen sheets are made with 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. These high-quality fibers are able to deliver considerable softness while retaining long-term durability. A four-over-one-under sateen wave is used to provide extra elegance and silkiness to these sheets, enhancing the softness from the Egyptian cotton. At first, these sheets will have a shiny appearance, but this sheen becomes more subtle over time. Sateen sheets are slightly warmer than cotton sheets with a percale weave, but they still provide excellent breathability.
  • Washed Sateen: The Washed Sateen set from Parachute is made with the same 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton fibers used for the regular Sateen sheets. For this reason, you can expect the same base level of softness, durability, and breathability. What sets the Washed Sateen sheets apart are that they are garment washed, creating an extra touch of softness and contributing a full-on matte finish look. In addition, white and dyed fibers are woven together to give a two-toned appearance to the these sheets.
  • Percale: Parachute’s percale sheets are made with 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton fibers, but those fibers are woven using a one-over-one-under method. This weave complements the natural breathability of cotton, creating a sheet that stays cool and is perfect for hot sleepers. This weave also gives the sheets a crisp feel; they are still plenty soft but intentionally not as plush as other types of sheets. Because the Percale set is made of high-end cotton, expect these to last a long time and to slowly get softer as you use them and wash them.
  • Heathered Percale: As the Heathered Percale are made with the same cotton and weave style as the percale sheets, you will find the performance quite similar. An added garment wash in the production process, though, gives these sheets a slightly softer feel than the traditional Percale sheet set. In addition, the heathered look comes from the fact that both light and dark fabrics are woven together, giving the sheets a distinct stylistic appeal that can contribute to an attractive, modern bedroom.
  • Brushed Cotton: These sheets are made with 100% cotton and are designed to offer a feel that is distinct from either the Sateen or Percale sets. While the weave resembles a percale weave, the cotton fibers are brushed and garment washed. Both of these steps help to make the cotton softer to the touch, and at the same time, the weave permits plenty of ventilating airflow. As a result, this sheet set serves as a middle ground for people who want the added breathability of percale sheets along with the luxurious softness of sateen.

Parachute Sheet Design Options

Parachute offers different color and design options for each sheet set. Twin and Twin XL sheets are only available in white, but other sizes provide numerous color options. The Washed Sateen and Heathered Percale sheets offer a more two-toned look with the use of different colored fabrics.

If you want to build a sheet set using different materials or colors, the personalized bundle option on the Parachute website allows you to customize your set to fit your specific preferences.

Sheet Set Design Options
LinenWhite, Bone, Fog, Grey, Blush, Shore, Coal (Twin and Twin XL are only offered in White)
SateenWhite, Slate, Light Grey, Sand (Twin and Twin XL are only offered in White)
Washed SateenIvory, Rose, Pewter
PercaleWhite, Sand, Light Grey, Slate, Blush (Twin and Twin XL are only offered in White)
Heathered PercaleDove, Carbon
Brushed CottonWhite, Ivory, Grey, Surplus

Cleaning and Care for Parachute Sheets

It’s natural to want to get the most out of a luxury product like the Parachute sheets. In order to preserve the feel and durability of the high-quality fibers in these sheets, it is important to clean and care for them properly.

All of the Parachute sheets have similar washing instructions. They can be washed in the washing machine using cool water and a mild laundry detergent (including the detergent sold by Parachute). Bleach should never be used on these sheets. Avoid washing the sheets with other clothing, especially items with zippers that could cause damage to the fabric. Wash with like colors to avoid changes to the coloration or look of the sheets.

You can put the sheets in the dryer and use a tumble-dry setting. It is best to avoid high heat that can damage the fabrics. Dryer sheets are not recommended, but you may use wool dryer balls instead. Once dry, promptly remove the sheets from the dryer to prevent wrinkles. If necessary, the sheets can be safely ironed on a low-heat setting.

Company Information

Customer Service: Parachute has earned solid marks from customers for their customer service and attention to the needs of their clients.

Reputation: Parachute Sheets has built its reputation on their direct-to-customer model and premium but affordable home products. Despite being a relatively young company, they’ve garnered considerable attention across the industry.

BBB Rating: Parachute Home has a C rating from the Better Business Bureau and is not currently BBB accredited.

Years in Business: Parachute Sheets was launched in 2014.

Physical Stores: Though Parachute began as an online brand, they have since opened seven brick-and-mortar stores around the United States including in Los Angeles (two stores), San Francisco, Dallas, Portland, New York City, and Chicago.

Contact Information: [email protected], 888 967 8832, Live chat assistance is available on the Parachute website during business hours.

TRIAL PERIODParachute offers a 90 day trial period on all of their sheets. Returns can be made via mail as well as to Parachute stores or Happy Returns locations.
WARRANTYThere is no warranty for Parachute sheets. If a product appears to be defective within the 90-day trial period, you can contact the customer service team for a refund or exchange.
SHIPPING INFORMATIONFree standard ground shipping is offered to the entire U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as to military bases. Extra charges apply for expedited shipping as well as shipping to U.S. territories or international addresses.
MADE IN Parachute Sheets are made in Portugal.