The Tuck bed is a hybrid mattress made from copper-infused gel memory foam, continuous process Dunlop latex, micro coils, pocketed coils support core, and polyfoams. The bed comes in all the standard mattress sizes and features an 11-inch height.

Before purchasing the bed, each shopper answers a short Sleep Test. Then Tuck adjusts the final composition of the bed based on the shopper’s body weight and shape, preferred firmness and contour levels, required motion isolation for couples, and cooling needs for hot sleepers.  

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of the Tuck mattress:

Pros Cons
Fully customizable mattress

Great for couples with different sleep needs

High-quality mattress for affordable price

Copper-infused gel helps mattress sleep cool

Eco-friendly cover made of recycled water bottles

Supports all sleeping positions

Superior edge support and long-term durability

Compatible with any solid foundation

Supports heavy sleepers

Heavy and difficult to move or maneuver

Customization may be problematic for users who don’t know what they want

Young company

Tuck Mattress In-Depth Review

Tuck Mattress Pricing

The Tuck mattress is available in all the standard sizes with an 11-inch height. The weight of the mattress varies depending on the results of the user’s Sleep Test (for example, if a user is overweight and requires more support, heavier foams may be used).

Size Weight Price
Twin 39” x 74” x 11” 75-85 pounds $600
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 11” 85-95 pounds $725
Full 54” x 74” x 11” 100-110 pounds $850
Queen 60” x 80” x 11” 115-125 pounds $990
King 76” x 80” x 11” 135-145 pounds $1200
California King 72” x 84” x 11” 135-145 pounds $1200

Financing is also available. Sales tax is only collected in Mississippi and Washington.

Tuck Mattress Firmness

Depending on the results of the user’s Sleep Test, the firmness of the Tuck bed ranges from slightly softer to slightly firmer than medium, between a  5 to 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Tuck Mattress Availability

The Tuck mattress is available for purchase through the Tuck website to customers located in the 50 United States.

Tuck Mattress Construction

The Tuck mattress is made in the USA. The exact measurements of the individual layers varies depending on the results of the shopper’s Sleep Test, but the Tuck bed includes:

A cover made of rayon and polyester with a cooling agent. 37% of the fabric is REPREVE ® yarn is made from recycled water bottles. Each Tuck bed cover contains about 24 former water bottles. tuck bed cover
1-2-inch cooling comfort layer of copper-infused gel memory foam that helps regulate temperature while contouring to the body. The memory foam has a 3.5 pound density and IFD of 5-15. tuck copper comfort layer
Dunlop latex layer created from a continuous pour process to prevent air pocket inconsistencies and glue seams characteristic of Talalay latex. The latex foam has a density of 3 pounds and IFD of 6.5 to 15.5.  Tuck Dunlop latex layer
1-inch layer of 1,386 micro coils individually encased in fabric to deliver ultimate pressure point relief.  tuck bed micro coils
6-inch support layer composed of recycled steel pocket coils, individually encased in fabric. There are 1,037 coils in a queen. The perimeter of the bed uses a higher gauge set of coils to provide better edge support than most memory foam mattresses. tuck coil support core
1-inch transition poly foam layer with a density of 1.8 pounds and an IFD of 22-38.  tuck mattress poly foam layer
1-inch base polyfoam layer with a density of 1.8 pounds and an IFD of 41-62.  tuck base polyfoam layer

All of the foams in the Tuck bed are CertiPUR-US-certified which means they’re made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates, and meet low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions for indoor air quality.

How does the Tuck mattress ship?

The Tuck mattress is compressed, rolled, and boxed in a vertical container. Unlike many online mattress brands, Tuck actually explains this process in detail on their website: First, a machine compresses the mattress from 11 inches to 1 inch so all the coils are at their smallest. Then, the mattress is heat sealed, folded in half, rolled and wrapped in plastic. Finally, the Tuck bed is packaged into a box with handles measuring 17” x 17” x 45”.

Unboxing a Tuck mattress

unboxing a tuck mattressTuck mattresses arrive in 3-5 days. Delivery happens on weekdays and the shopper is not required to be home.

Tuck recommends placing the box, with the mattress still inside, in the room where you’ll use the mattress. Then, open the box. Follow the instructions taped to the side of the mattress. Upon removing the plastic wrap, the mattress will unfold and expand upon your bed.

The mattress should take 7 nights to fully break in and recover from compression during shipping.

Tuck 145-day Sleep Trial

Most mattresses offer a 100-night sleep trial, but at 145 days, Tuck has one of the longest online sleep trials available. Because it take time to adjust to a new mattress, Tuck requests waiting at least 30 days before starting the refund process. Exchanges are also honored during the sleep trial period.

If you don’t like the Tuck mattress, they will help you donate it to an organization or have a third-party service pick it up and recycle it for you. You will need to keep your donation receipt to get the refund. Your full refund is processed within 5 days of the mattress being picked up.

Tuck Mattress Warranty

The Tuck warranty is valid for 11 years, one month, and one day. It only applies to the original purchaser of beds purchased directly through the Tuck website.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, physical flaws outside of normal wear and tear, and deterioration resulting in a visible indentation greater than 1-inch (excluding damage caused by using the mattress on an improper foundation). Abuse, damage, and normal wear and tear is not covered, nor are products purchased in used condition or from unauthorized resellers.

If a consumer returns the mattress under the warranty, they will have to initially pay for transportation and/or shipping costs. If Tuck deems the mattress is covered under the warranty, they will reimburse the consumer up to $100 for shipping costs, and will ship a replacement or repaired mattress back within 90 days, which will be subject to the same warranty as the original purchase.

Tuck Shipping Policy

Tuck ships free via UPS from their warehouse in Tupelo, Mississippi to all 50 United States.

Tuck Old Mattress Removal Policy

Tuck does not help you remove your old mattress.

Tuck Mattress Performance


  • Tuck mattress reviewMotion Transfer: Sleepers will not feel movements from others in the Tuck bed. The individually wrapped pocket coils reduce motion transfer and the memory foam layer also helps.
  • Edge Support: The hybrid mattress uses a higher-gauge steel coil around the perimeter to avoid roll off and maintain an uniform sleeping surface often missing in foam beds and ones that come compressed in a  box.
  • Heat retention: The cover includes moisture-wicking features and cooling gel that help the bed stay cool, and the top layer of copper-infused gel memory foam also helps regulate the mattress temperature. The Tuck bed also uses a coil-based support system, which run much cooler than all-foam beds.
  • Offgassing: The Tuck mattress contains less than 50% memory foam so offgassing is minimal and should go away quickly, within a few hours to a day at most.
  • Support: The individually wrapped coils responsively adapt to the sleeper’s body, providing superior spinal alignment. The micro coils layer creates a feel of floating on the mattress.
  • Conforming: Tuck’s hybrid mattress combines micro coils and latex foam to give a rounded contour to the body, so sleepers don’t sink into the mattress but feel comfortably supported.
  • Longevity/Durability: The Tuck mattress should last at least 8 to 10 years, thanks to the high-quality foams and coils used in its construction. For long-term performance and a comfortable sleeping experience, the mattress should not be flipped. The Tuck bed works on any foundation, including solid platform, adjustable base, slatted base, metal grid, box spring, and floor.
  • Sex: While not as bouncy as an innerspring mattress, the Tuck bed is bouncier than most hybrid mattresses thanks to its latex layer and pocket coil core.


What type of sleeper is well suited to a Tuck Mattress?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a mattress is how well it keeps your spine aligned. Because everyone is different, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to getting the best support.

Tuck recognizes that, which is why each of their mattresses is custom-designed using a variety of factors, including sleeping position and body weight, the mattress should work for all sleepers. Lighter sleepers will have more foam in the comfort layers while heavier sleepers will benefit from the denseness of the Dunlop latex later. The recycled steel coil support core is also designed to support more weight than a pure memory foam mattress.

Tuck Company Information

Tuck does not list their company headquarters on the website. The company launched in 2015 and does not have a Better Business Bureau rating as of September 2017. However, customers can read reviews on the Tuck website.

Tuck’s customer service is available 24/7 via Live Chat, email (, and phone (855-998-0907).

Tuck also offers a referral program. Shoppers get a referral code on their receipt, which gives their friends $75 off their Tuck mattress and earns the shopper a $75 Amazon gift card for every successful referral.

One of Tuck’s differentiators is in their specialized algorithm and two-minute Sleep Test, developed from years of meeting with consumers and experts in the sleep industry. Each Tuck mattress is made to order based on the results of the shopper’s Sleep Test. The Sleep Test asks the following questions:

  • Your basic info (age, gender height and weight)
  • Your body type
  • Desire mattress size (twin XL to California King)
  • Whether or not you’re sharing the bed (Queen mattresses and larger can be customized for each side of the bed)
  • Preferred sleeping position (side, back, or stomach)
  • Whether you sleep hot or cool
  • Why you’re shopping for a mattress (getting married, unsupportive mattress, or another reason)
  • The model of your current mattress
  • How easily disturbed you get during sleep
  • Whether you have any physical conditions (such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome) or regularly wake up with aches and pains
  • Your desired firmness level (the Tuck bed ranges from 5 to 7 on a scale of 1 to 10)
  • If you feel pushed off from a memory foam bed and need better edge support

Tuck bed sleep quiz

Then, Tuck shares the results of the test and explains how they will use that in the construction of your mattress. For example, lighter weight sleepers will have more attention paid to in the design of the comfort layer for feel, hot sleepers may have more copper added, and couples may require more motion isolation.

Our Verdict

The Tuck mattress is an ideal option for shoppers who want a personalized, custom mattress designed to their unique sleep needs – for an affordable price. It’s also great for couples who may have different sleep needs. The hybrid mattress offers a supportive contour to the body, while maintaining responsiveness and bounce due to the latex and coil layers. Hot sleepers will appreciate the copper infused cooling elements. It also satisfies eco-minded consumers, with each mattress containing at least 24 former water bottles.

The Tuck bed may not be a good fit for people who prefer the feel of a memory foam mattress. While the customization may be too much for users who aren’t sure what they want, it should be noted the Tuck Sleep Test questions are designed to get at the heart of the sleeper’s needs without them having to know all the industry lingo.

  • Material Quality: 5
  • Temperature Regulation: 5
  • Offgassing: 4.5
  • Suitability for Sex: 4.5
  • Support: 5
  • Sleep Trial: 5
  • Warranty: 5
  • Company Reputation: 5

All images from Tuck.